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The Scandinavian craving for … butter!

butterSwedish butter wasn’t easy to find on the on supermarket shelves during the autumn. Photo: Tobias Myrstrand Leander (CC: BY NC SA)

By now a lot of people in the world have heard – and laughed about – Norway’s butter shortage, covered in many international media. One of the best ones is The Colbert Report, making fun of it all. Which Swedes tend to appreciate a lot, as long as the joke is at Norway’s expence…

During the period leading up to Christmas (with all ts baking of buttery cookies and buns), we have seen our Scandinavian neighbours in the West becoming increasingly desperate for the dairy fat, with prices as high as about 100 Euros per kilo butter and people trying to smuggle large quantities of butter to Norway from Sweden, hoping to sell it on the black butter market.

We may be laughing heartily at this here in Sweden, but the (maybe internationally less known) truth is that Sweden had its very own butter shortage during the autumn. In September and October, dairy shelves in many parts of the country suddenly stood empty, with signs saying “Butter shortage because of lack of primary products”.
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