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Biorecro wants to catch carbon from the air

Illustration-Daniel-AndreassonCan capture and storage of carbon from biomass such as trees and plants be a way to reduce climate change? Illustration: Daniel Andréasson.

Carbon capture and storage, CCS, is a technology which is usually spoken of as a way to take care of carbon emissions coming from the burning of fossil fuels. The idea is that for example a coal-fired power plant could capture the emissions and then bury them deep down in the ground, so that they can’t rise up in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

Now the Swedish company Biorecro has a new idea of how to use this technology: To create negative emissions, removing carbon from the air.
Instead of burying the emissions coming from fossil fuels, creating a “zero-sum game”, they want to burn trees and plants that have absorbed carbon from the atmosphere during their lifetime and bury those emission.

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Swedish invention turns air into drinking water

water-dropsMaking water from air? Photo: s_gibson72 (CC: BY NC ND)

Around the world, nearly one billion persons are lacking clean drinking water. But in the future, maybe more people who live in drought affected areas can solve their most imminent problems by a technology developed by two young Swedish inventors. Recently Jonas Wamstad and Fredrik Edström won a prize of 75.000 Swedish Kronor (about 8.200Euro) for their invention, which takes advantage of the sun to extract humidity from the air, without using any electricity. By putting up solar panels on roofs the air is heated up and the water steam absorbed. About three litres of water can be harvested per square metre solar panel and day. Read more » >>