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How green can our consumption get?

Painful question: Could this beautiful place actually be better off if I don’t go there, even if I wear environmentally friendly new hiking boots..? Photo: buck82 (CC: by-nc)

We are often encouraged to “consume green” in order to reduce our climate and environmental impact. It sounds good: “Buy this thing instead of that, and things will be ok.” But what does it really mean? And can a trip to a distant rain forest ever be environmentally friendly?

 Christan Fuentes, who recently defended his thesis and now has a PhD in Service Studies at Lund University, has taken a closer look on this. In his thesis Green Retailing – a socio-material analysis he writes about how complex this issue is.
– You could say that the retailers have gotten a new role in recent years. Earlier they just had to think about selling as many articles as possible, but now they are also expected to play a political role for sustainable consumption, Christian Fuentes says in an article at the university’s website.

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