The Meeting Point: More than music at Peace & Love

Ideas, sustainability ... and music next week in Borlänge. Photo: Lina Axelsson Berg

The festival Peace & Love in Borlänge [map] originally started in 1999 as a reaction towards violence. Now it has grown to be Sweden’s largest music festival, according to themselves, but with the wish to be something more than “just” a music festival.

“The concept of the Peace & Love festival is to spread the message of Diversity, Solidarity and Understanding. It’s about crossing borders and bringing differing cultures from near and afar together and trying to get people to change their attitudes towards themselves and others.” they write.

For this year’s festival, starting next week, there’s even more for those who have an interest in sustainable development. The Meeting Point (web site in Swedish), opening on Monday, wants to be – a meeting point, around sustainability issues and social responsibility. The idea is to let everyone, both participants and those invited to inspire others, be active in creating new solutions.

– This won’t be a sustainability festival where businesses come to talk about their successful work. Instead they come here to talk about their development needs, and everyone at the conference participates in smaller workshops, with the aim to find new ideas, the event manager for The Meeting Point, tells the environment newsletter MiljöRapporten Direkt.

  • Dr Beatrice

    Hi Sara,
    Please visit our website also please share our website with your friends and relatives. Those who are mission minded can visit us and help su to empower women and children here. Planning to build a school for sexually abused girl children. How about visiting our place Sara.
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  • Monica-USA

    It sounds like a nice idea and seems to be working. Happy Midsummer, Sara!

  • sarajeswani

    Thank you Monica, and hope you had a lovely Midsommar too!