Making fun of climate change

Swedish cartoonist Riber Hansson's modern Noah's Ark.

Taking climate change seriously doesn’t mean you cannot joke about it. That’s the idea behind the exhibition Facing the Climate where Swedish cartoonists have their take at one of our time’s greatest challenges. And often I think humour is one of the best ways of approaching a difficult subject. At least I know it works very well for me, leaving me somewhere between laugh and tears.

When I went to the Stockholm+40 meeting last week, I found some of the interpretations exhibited in one of the rooms, working as a powerful reminder of why we were all there.

During this year, Facing the Climate will travel the world and be displayed in Rio, Athens, Tirana, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, , Novosibirsk and other cities. But the idea isn’t just to make others watch. By Swedish cartoonists holding workshops and seminars, and also taking part in environment-related events, they inspire local cartoonists, students and others good at drawing to make their own interpretations.

With 15 countries and about 140-000 persons having had a visit of the exhibition, it has become a creation in perpetual progress. Here are just a few examples, more cartoons can be found at this web site.

Another contribution from Magnus Bard, a caricaturist who I usually follow eagerly in one of Sweden's largest morning papers.

Katyaryna Martinovich - Belarus.

Igor Varchenko - Russia.


  • Monica-USA

    Love the ideas very clever.

  • sarajeswani

    Happy you like them. I find this kind of images sometimes work so much better than trying to explain problems in words.

  • Monica-USA

    Yes I agree 100%.