Researching in all directions for a sustainable society

Humans and nature, how can we co-exist? Photo: Guillaume Baviere (CC: BY)


Johan Rockström will lead the research project. Photo: SEI.

Sweden will the be the hub for a very interesting research project that will hopefully give us more answers about how environmental issues are linked to basic human development and how to solve the problems we face.

The project, which is named the Earth System Sustainability Initiative, will try to provide global coordination for science to respond to the most pressing societal and environmental challenges, joining researchers from the social, economic, natural, health, and engineering sciences.

One of the leaders of this project will be Johan Rockström who is director of the Stockholm Environment Institute. He says it’s time to start researching these areas in a different way:
– The current pace and magnitude of human-induced global change is unprecedented, and is manifest in increasingly dangerous threats to societies and well-being. Effective responses to all these threats to world development require a new way of doing research, he says in a press release.

The initiative will be formally launched at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro next June.