Sailing in plastic particles

Fresh winds on the Baltic Sea.

I have just come back from another encounter with the Baltic Sea. Sailing is something entirely new for me, but when my friends told me they had rented a sailing-boat for a week I decided to join them for a couple of days. Although being slightly frightened by the millions of ropes, an always threatening boom and the boat sometimes seeming to turn over in the waves, I must admit that sailing definitely has its advantages. It’s incredible to glide over the water, almost in total silence and without using any other fuel than the wind.

Unfortunately, and as I have written here before, the Baltic Sea isn’t in best shape. Now scientists have found lots of tiny particles, invisible to the naked eye, floating in the seas around Sweden. Many of them seem to come from the wearing of roads and car tyres, but also from textiles. Other particles could have their origin in boat paint and plastic.

The plastic fibres and particles can not only be harmful for the inhabitants of the sea, but might also contain toxic substances injurious to the environment that end up in fish, and in the long run also affect humans.
One of the marine biologists who have made the study, Fredrik Norén, says to the Swedish radio that more plastic materials must be degradable, so that they don’t leave particles in the nature after being used.

  • Pol

    I heard also, couple of years ago, of that problem with boat paint, especially with some special types of paint which prevents attaching algae and shelfs at the bottom of the ship, which apparently can cause some serious mutations and infertility of species. This was really shocking to hear, but it was rarely mentioned again. So, it would probably be better if science and experts community would more actively communicate with the public. …

  • Sara

    The rules for boat bottom paint in Sweden have been tightened up in recent years, but all boat bottom paints still make more or less damage to the environment, according to the foundation Keep Sweden Tidy. Science is working on better ways of keeping sea acorns and other water animals away, such as enzymes or creating an oxygen-free environment around the boat, but I suppose it will take time before toxic components are totally taken out of use.

  • Xi Dam

    Unfortunately, plastic problems are becoming insurmountable, globally, regionally and now locally too Get more information on Oxo-plastic (Oxo-bio degradable plastic) benefits as an alternative to Hydro-plastic (ie starch plastics, often based on maize, sugar cane, etc.) via

  • Rmowat83

    272 types of plastics and their chemical codes.

  • Linnea Sternefält

    I also found my way here through facebook. Very nice blog you’ve got, and totally agree with you: Brämhults is sooo good. Oh, and flädersaft also – my mother makes that every year. :)

    Keep up the good work with this blog, it’s very interesting and I think I’ll come back to check it out more – especially since I live in Lund as well.

    Ha det bra!


  • Monica-USA

    Wow Kate it all sounds yummy!!!!

  • Kate


    Thanks so much for reading! I love you put it, “It’s so… Real!” Exactly. :)  I’ll have to check out Östersund on a map. Sounds great! 

    Thanks again for checking out my blog - 

  • Kate

    Hey Linnea!

    Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve been enjoying the weather over the last few days here in Lund… this is what we should have had all summer! :)  

    Tack igen! Hope you check out more posts in the future!


  • Kate

    So good! :)  

  • Carlo Treccani

    only sweden?
    please ask about the Bramhult’s mission to Italy for Giovanni Treccani’s birthday to mr. Daniel Johnsson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It has been wonderful to have juices delivered home by a team of unknown-fantastic people!

    Carlo Treccani

  • Kate

    Ciao, Carlo! What was Bramhult’s mission to Italy?? I tried to check it out online but didn’t find anything. I’m so curious now!

  • Ulrika (living in England)

    I agree with all your Swedish drink choices. Yum yum to all of them! Here in the UK flavoured water contains artificial sweteners  and they taste just awful. Every time i go back home to Swedie-land I buy Ramlösa and Loka by the bucket load! I also loooove my daily fix of an ice-cold Diet Coke but just can’t stand the Swedish version of Coca Cola Light. What’s that about? Anyway, will now try the regular Coke next time I’m home.

  • Karin_sioo

    In Sweden IKEA sells Flädersaft, but perhaps you can also find it in IKEA stores abroad? It’s very tasty!

  • Kate

    Yes, I think you can! That and the meatballs… making the chaos of an Ikea shopping trip worth the pain. :)

  • Hshshhs

    You need to try Loviseberg Juice! Still only i stockholm but if you got the chans to get over a bottle you will fall in love after the first sipp!

  • Kate

    I have never even heard of it! Will definitely try to find it next time I’m in Stockholm. Is it a fresh juice chain or is it sold in bottles? Where can I find it?

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