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Family Vacation

After months of planning and e-mailing back and forth, my family finally arrived last week for their vacation to visit me here in Sweden. I roughly planned the itinerary so that our destinations and activities would be a mix of things I both had and hadn’t seen before (my family had never traveled to Scandinavia before this trip). Due to their busy schedules and also partially because Americans don’t enjoy the same vacation benefits as Swedes, they could only visit for a week. In order to maintain a semi-relaxed schedule we decided to just stick to Stockholm and Copenhagen. It would have been nice for them to have been able to see my home city of Gothenburg, but I don’t regret our choice to avoid incessant traveling from city to city nearly everyday.

The view of Stockholm from Södermalm. Photo by Brett Seward.

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Swedes love their Summer! And now I know why!

The sun’s out! The skies blue! And Swedes are outside! Anywhere and everywhere!

This weekend I made another trip to the countryside! Here’s how the last few days have gone…

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The Little Mermaid

When I was a little younger, I used to wake up bright and early on Saturday mornings, rush down the stairs, dash into the lounge, where my Mum and Dad would be sitting enjoying a hot cup of Indian masala chai on our very comfy brown sofas. I would perch myself next to my Dad and a few minutes later we’d be watching “my programmes”. When I say “my programmes” I mean children’s Saturday morning TV! And what fun it was! One of my favourite cartoons was The Little Mermaid! I don’t know exactly what it was about The Little Mermaid, in fact I could certainly watch it now on Saturday morning’s with my own cup of tea! It just let my imagination run free!

Nyhavn in Copenhagen. Hans Christian Andersen author of The Little Mermaid lived in a number of these houses during his lifetime. Photo: Naieya Madhvani.

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My Swedish Bucket List

I’ve been living in Gothenburg for about 8 months now, so hopefully it’s not too late to finally post my Swedish bucket list. At least this way you’ll be able to see what I’ve done so far and what I still have left to accomplish (spoiler alert: a lot!).



1. Stockholm

2. “The North”: Lappland/Kiruna/Piteå

3. Malmö/Lund

4. Uppsala

5. Neighboring countries of Norway, Denmark, and Finland



6. Meat: Moose, reindeer, meatballs, salmon, herring

7. Pastries: Cinnamon bun, princess cake, Lucia bun, semla, pepparkakor (you can see that I take my desserts seriously)

8. Beverages: Glögg, julmust/påskmust, mead, akvavit/snaps

Important note: I have no desire to try (or smell) surströmming, so don’t even go there!



9. Visit Gothenburg’s archipelago

A small part of the Gothenburg archipelago. Photo by Brett Seward.

A small part of the Gothenburg archipelago. Photo by Brett Seward.

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Travel Tips from Someone Who Spent New Year’s Eve in an Airplane

I went home to the US to celebrate Christmas with my family, but I’ll talk about the specifics of that in a later entry. I’m sitting in the airport right now with some time to kill, so today’s entry is focused solely on my non-clothing related tips for traveling efficiently to Sweden. I’m going to leave the clothing discussion for another day.

I’m back in Sweden so this seems appropriate. Photo by Brett Seward.

My itemized list of tips can be seen in full after the jump:

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