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The end is nigh! Sadly :( But there is still one small, slight hurdle! That of my thesis defense! It takes place on Friday so currently most things are taking second priority. However, whilst taking a break I thought it would be nice to share with you the recent fun things I’ve been up to!

It’s bright! So bright!
With glorious May, the weather has changed from fiercely cold only a couple of months ago to blissfully sunny! The days are so long that light has been streaming in at 3am! If you’re not a fan of light rooms when you’re sleeping you might not be so keen on Swedish rooms during the night!

3.18am Wednesday 29th May 2013.

Walking outside whilst the sun is shining so bright, is essential!
The long days make me eager to take a walk out early on in the day. But more often than not I’m distracted by some other fun thing especially on weekend mornings whether it be making/eating a full English breakfast (the vege version) or lying on the sofa reading a book! So by afternoon I force myself to venture out. Last Saturday I did just that and was rewarded with stunning views across the various bridges of Stockholm. The canals, boats, various flora and fauna, not to mention the numerous keen sunbathers all out basking in the sun!

One of the many waterways in Stockholm!

I’m hoping the future’s bright 
Walking outside and waking up early only make you think more, wonder more both about the good and the bad! How good it has been to live here in Stockholm for just under a year but how bad it is, how sad it is that this time is coming to an end! All I can hope is that the future will bring me back very soon so I can enjoy this beautiful city again soon!

The future’s bright! I hope!

Let us help you!

Many of you who applied for a Master’s at the KI may have been accepted to a programme and may now be preparing for your journey across to Sweden. Many congratulations, I hope you’re very excited for this new phase in your life! You have much to look forward to! For those of you who unfortunately didn’t receive a place, many commiserations. Please keep in mind that the process is very competitive and that there are many opportunities out there to fulfil your ambitions.

Whether you have a place at the KI or not the sky’s the limit! Photo: Oscar Eriksson.

Whether you have a place at the KI or not the sky’s the limit! Photo: Oscar Eriksson.

Throughout the last couple of weeks I’ve received and been in contact with a number of you who have had questions and concerns about your move across. No doubt many of you have similar questions so here I thought I’d outline some questions and answers…

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Widerströmska-more than just a name

Walking to the KI everyday is an ever changing experience. The area is the center of extensive building work as such it’s always interesting to see progress from one day to the next.

Several weeks ago I was asked if I might be interested in helping to host the opening ceremony to a new building which had recently been completed. Sure why not I said. All too quickly the day of hosting arrived. I donned by pretty black polka dot dress, a bit of lipstick and packed my pair of black high heels (you didn’t think I was going to walk through the snow in heels did you?)

My role was to be moderator, chairwomen, “most important person” as someone put it. But what do these words mean you might be thinking? Well I was going to be the person introducing the ceremony, welcoming the audience and then in turn presenting each speaker. It was my role to “MC” as my cool friend remarked later.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a very warm welcome to you, to this the opening ceremony of the Widerström building. I am Naieya Madhvani, a student on the Global Master’s programme and I will be your host for today. The ceremony will begin with a few short speeches, followed by the cutting of the ceremonial ribbon and then some light snacks and drinks will be served. I hope you enjoy the next 30 minutes to an hour.”

In Karolinska colours. Photo: Naieya Madhvani.

In Karolinska colours. Photo: Naieya Madhvani.

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The Past and The Future

This year has been a crazy one, full of lots of adventures and new experiences. Living in a new country is always interesting, it comes with both good and bad; the one thing I know for sure is that there is never a dull moment. I have really grown to love the Swedish lifestyle, however there are still many small things that I miss regularly about Canada.

Obviously, I’ve spent most of my time in Sweden this year going to school and studying. To some this may seem like a boring way to spend your time, but it’s not quite the same for me. My friends like to call me a life long student. Going to school, sitting in a lecture hall with a cup of coffee and learning from some of the smartest people in my field is what I like to do.

Besides studying, I have had a lot of time to really experience student life. There are an endless amount of corridor parties, nation pub nights, gasques, and club nights. There is no doubt that the student life here in Uppsala is lively and experiencing it all is a must if you are student.  The pub nights are a great way to relax and get away from schoolwork and the student gasques give you the opportunity to get into your formal gowns and suits, while eating a 3 course meal and drinking snaps.

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Starting a Master’s Thesis

Master Programs in Sweden are typically two years long; it usually includes a year of taught courses, an option of an internship or project, and a final thesis project. The first year is usually made up of the taught courses, while the last year involves the internship or project, as well as, the thesis project. Of course, this can differ depending on what exactly you study.

The thesis project is a massive undertaking that involves nearly 5 months of full time work. The last semester of the Master Program is usually reserved for the thesis project. This final paper gives you a chance to apply what you have learned to a more specific topic area of your own interest. It requires doing your own research, getting your own data and completing an analysis of a specific study problem.

While it may only November, most people in their second year are already thinking about (or more likely, stressing out over) what they will write about, who will supervise their work and even starting to create outlines to be ready to start working full time with the thesis come January. Read more » >>