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From Ireland, Andrew came to Stockholm after 15 months travelling. He’s studying his Masters at Karolinska Institutet in Bioentrepreneurship. Each blog is an insight into his life in beautiful Stockholm.

Working In Sweden

In response to many questions I have been emailed I decided to write a blog on working in Stockholm and Sweden itself. I, and Adeeb have been Vlogging all summer and we have done some Vlogs on this subject matter based on our experiences. Please watch the Vlogs below. I hope this helped.

My Favourite and Least Favourite things in Stockholm!

This is quite a self explanatory post all about my favourite and least favourite things in and around Stockholm! I have created this post through my Vlogs at separate times.

I must admit I have many things which I just love about Stockholm and must say that to think of the least favourite things I could not think of much. I believe that is testament to the city and I have found it so easy to live in and integrate into as a person, perhaps because of the friends I met immediately who were all in the same position as me and so that allowed me time to concentrate on the actual city experience and the pros and cons of daily life here.

Ultimately for me, Stockholm is one of those cities which while big and vast can feel homely and warm, maybe fika has something to do with it as well as the harsh winters but it has been an easy journey to fit into the city, which is not always so easy, at least from my experiences in other cities I have lived in. So here are my Vlogs, I hope these are helpful to understand more of Stockholm Life!


Public Transport: Stockholm

How do you get around Stockholm? How is it coming and going from the airport? These questions are answered in Vlogs on the prospective student at KI youtube page.

I have found the metro, train, bus and boat system in Stockholm to be one of the best of all the places I have lived, particularly for traveling such long distances and it is very punctual and clean. I have not experienced it yet however, but I have heard of the nightmare which occurs during winter whereby everything stands still due to snow and ice, this experience I will hopefully not need to blog about but this winter has yet to arrive!

The Video Blogs Continue

The Vlogs are continuing and are so much fun I am enjoying getting creative each day and with each Vlog. Recently I had some lunch with the Swedish Institute (thank you- was delicious!) and met fellow blogger Qianyun Ye for the first time. I thought it would be good to get her perspective as a Non-EU citizen on Stockholm and Sweden, quite briefly I must say as she was in a rush for work! I have uploaded this to my Vlogs I have mentioned in my previous post!

I have added much more included FAQ such as living costs, learning swedish and the Greek perspective of studying in Sweden, feel free to have a look around and let me know if you have any questions etc!

Beautiful Tyresta

I have included a picture from Tyresta National Park which I must admit I have become obsessed with. It is a huge protected area of forest and lakes and is so peaceful and relaxing. It is simply so beautiful and I had the most enchanting experience, I decided to venture a little off the beaten track and ended up pretty much in the middle of the forest (probably not advisable) but I came upon a wild elk! It was so close and I was so lucky that it stayed for 5 minutes directly in-front of me, with nothing but the sound of the birds in the trees it was a beautiful experience and one I shall not forget. However I knew what I was doing and made no sudden movements and just sat by and watched, thus I could not get a picture but strangely I feel it is better that I didn’t. I have also uploaded a short Vlog on Tyresta! I hope everyone shall enjoy the Vlog continuation. Stay tuned!

Hej då

My Video Blogs

In addition to being so lucky to write for,I have also been writing for my university, Karolinska Institutet. It is through this that as of last week I have also been creating video blogs for the Karolinska and have been uploaded videos all about my experiences everyday from random happenings to some of my friends, international or otherwise answering some frequently asked questions, or some questions regarding courses and life here in Sweden. I think it may good for anyone interested in Sweden and studying here also.

So I have included 3 video blog links below which I think may be of interest. The first is my introduction to my beginning this new video blog adventure, the second one is a Vlog of myself and a swedish friend of mine answering questions, particular to a non native english speaker and also detailing some experiences from a swedish perspective. The third video link I have added is from today when I had a barbecue with some friends and I asked a general questions ‘Are you happy with your first year (now it has ended) and has your course met your expectations’. You can check out the remainder of the blogs on the youtube channel where I have, and will be uploaded many more every day. Hope this is helpful and interesting to you!