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My April So Far!

So I wanted to blog about my April so far… I have had an exceptionally interesting and fun April so far. The way the academic calendar fell into place meant I had more than 3 weeks of no classes before I was to begin my practical placement programme from the 22nd of this month.

I was at home in Ireland in the beginning of the month and had some time off to relax and enjoy being with my family in friends. I was home for a week and had some time to explore more of Stockholm such as cycling around and visiting parts I had not been such as the City Hall in Rådhuset, random little parks and coffee shops and other areas outside of Stockholm like the outlying archipelago. Luckily the weather has been so beautiful it has been great to relax in the sun with no impending deadlines or projects due. Adding to this Stockholm gets so crowded with people out to enjoy the sun the Swedes really do love the sun and it is so evident once it is out!

The Swedes out in force in Kungstragården

I also began looking for jobs in Stockholm for the summer and have found it is quite difficult especially for non Swedish speakers. Additionally, the majority of internships for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies were all looking for Swedish and English fluency as were the majority of other jobs such as the customer service & IT industries. However hope is not lost! Areas like Gamla Stan which are very much tourist magnets are great for english speakers to work in especially if looking for bar and restaurant work! I have a friend who speaks no swedish working in, as god would have it, an Irish bar! So this is the best advice, given the experiences I have had to give, as well as apply early for summer internships which are English speaking only, as once March is passed so too are the deadlines!

After all of my applications were finished, the end of my April has been all about my internship and has so far proven very interesting which I shall blog about in my next post, just if anyone reading this has an active interest in the Bio-entrepreneurship master, or even just working in a Swedish company for an international student! However today was an exception as it was ‘Valborg’ holiday, a celebration in Nordic countries to celebrate the eve of May Day and a huge group of all of the masters students went to Uppsala to celebrate with bonfires, music and dancing which was so much fun.
So this is all for now!

Hej då

Kulturnatt Stockholm!

Hello everyone, I apologise for my lack of posting. I have been home in Ireland and basically had a little break. However now I am back and ready to blog! Okay so onto my blog post…so last night was culture night ‘Kulturnatt’ here in Stockholm and it was pretty amazing! Basically it was a night of art, music and dance with admission fees waived allowing free entrance to many locations all over Stockholm. This came into effect after 6pm and this meant venues such as Nobel museum and the Royal palace were free of charge as well as any shows in the Opera house that night among much much more!

I’m just gonna sit down real quick… :D

I myself met a few friends and we headed to the Opera House ‘Kungliga Operan’, unfortunately there was a stampede of people in the queue and we missed free tickets to a show. However we did get to walk around the beautiful interior and have some champagne in the piano room, complete with some beautiful pieces being played. After that we went to the royal palace also in Gamla Stan, ‘Kungliga slottet’ for a tour. I had never been and was very excited to see the beautiful rooms and decorative pieces and art and I was not disappointed, it was simply beautiful. As we were exiting the palace there was an orchestra playing in the grand hall with stunning royal architecture taking centre stage. After that ended we went for a walk around Gamla Stan before having a much needed ‘Fika’ (coffee and something sweet).

The orchestra played beautifully

There was the official culture night after party in the City hall and I heard from a few people who had been that it was amazing. Overall the atmosphere in the city was wonderful adding the fact that the sun was out in full force meant I had such a lovely time. Stockholm is truly a city of decadence and after last night I realise a city brimming with culture & history. A city I am so happy I have the chance to live and study in.

hej hej,

Life in Stockholm after spring arrives

Solen skiner! Glad påsk allihopa!

These are the days that Sweden becomes warmer every passing day and we try to use every opportunity to throw ourselves under the sun. The spring days in Stockholm are just elegant. The positive energy in the air is captured by everyone lives in Sweden. They become open for experiencing joyful things happening around them and keep their attitude always welcoming. Several sunny days in a row in the Easter holiday, I experienced a couple of bustling moments.

Blooming sakura in Kungsreägåden

After a few weeks’ challenge of the uncertain April weather, sakura trees in Kungsreägåden are finally in their fully blossom moment. Read more » >>

Umeå Open 2014 & wood workshop.

Spring is well and truly here. The ice on the river is a distant memory, a few of the hardier plants can be seen sprouting, the sun has even – just occasionally – come out and made it possible to lunch outside and enjoy oneself, not freeze. However, let us catch up on the last few weeks, in which:

- our cohort built timber staircases without the aid of nails, screws, or glues

- festival madness visited in the form of Umeå Open

- both of the previous points occurred in the same week, followed by

- preliminary presentations (I still wake in a cold sweat)


And so – belatedly – Umeå Open!

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