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A Sound Tract of a City

Lost Sound program in Debaser


Beside the advanced information and communication technologies in Sweden, another big motivation for me to come here is the astonishing music atmosphere. A third largest music exporter after USA and England, Sweden became one of the major pioneering countries behind death metal in the late 1980s and early 1990s, an inspiration for every pop singer after legendary ABBA, and innovative electronic and indie music center starting with 2000s.

I remember my first memory in Stockholm was right at the time of Culture Festival, which holds once a year at the end of each summer. During that period, there were numerous public concerts Read more » >>

Gott nytt år!

I honestly expected Mister Tumnus to come bounding out of the trees at any moment.

I honestly expected Mister Tumnus to come bounding out of the trees at any moment.


Happy New Year and Happy Spring Term to all: as of the 17th, I have officially completed my first term in Sweden!


Of course, this being Sweden, there was no time for resting on laurels and we were back at university on the 20th starting afresh for the spring term with the promise of longer, brighter days looming large (I’ve been assured that the ‘concise’ vacation is a purely architectural phenomenon as we lack exams and all the unscheduled time they warrant). On the other hand, starting today we of the Laboratory for Sustainable Architectural Production at UMA will spend the week collaborating with students from Miroslaw Balka Studio of Spatial Activities at the Polish Academy of Fine Arts. Working in ice and snow, we will create installation pieces for the inauguration of Umeå as European Capital of Culture 2014!

(more information on the inauguration can be found here)


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Reflections on Swedish Education

Now that I have officially finished my requisite master’s coursework and have just started my thesis, I feel like this is the perfect time for me to reflect back and offer some of my impressions of the Swedish university system and general classroom atmosphere here at Chalmers. I personally believe that my feelings and opinions are held by a lot of international students, but keep in mind these are still just one guy’s experiences at one specific university.

Anyway… one of the very first things I noticed upon arrival over a year and a half ago is that the hierarchical/organizational structure is very flat at Chalmers – and at most universities in Sweden I would assume. It seems like there are typically only a few levels of administration between the average professor and the university president.

Chalmers – “Avancez”. Source:

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What I did After My Application & Some Advice :)

Since I contributed to the Karolinska Instituetet ambassador Adeeb and Dan’s video on ‘What To Do While You Wait’ for your results after the application process. I wanted to maybe talk about my time when I applied and what I did to prepare and also afterward while I waited.

I lived in Bondi Beach in Sydney at the time of my application and to be honest completely forgot about the deadline date and remembered about a week beforehand. I rang my mother back in Ireland immediately (quite panicky I must admit) and we arranged that I would fill out the CV and application within the next few days and send scanned copies to her to post to Sweden from Ireland. Obviously this is much faster than me sending it from Australia to Sweden. I was so lucky that my mother was there for me and she went to my old university in my home city and collected my transcripts and everything else I needed on my behalf. If it had not been for her I most certainly wouldn’t be here now. Thanks mum ☺

So I wrote the CV when I was actually on the beach as it was just such a hot day I could not even think of staying inside and remember how impossible I was finding it to concentrate. However I wrote it and had to go to an Internet café in Bondi to send it all off. It was very stressful and KI was the only master’s programme, which needed a CV, attached which added to my stress, as my course was my first choice. I had my second for Uppsala with Immunology and Infection Biology.

Once everything was sent off I didn’t think of it at all. I just enjoyed living in Sydney and travelling around, I went to Melbourne for a little while to visit my sister and friends I had there and that was so nice before I flew home just for a 2 week period before I went to South East Asia for 2 and half months. It was the day after I arrived home from Australia that I got the result. I had checked (obsessively) my results for a full week everyday previous and had googled my ‘score’, (which you will all receive assessing your eligibility for the course) to no concrete success and all of sudden I was admitted! It could not have been at a better time as I just got home and was with all of my family at the time.

Immediately I went onto the Karolinska AB housing webpage and signed up, something I recommend all students who are applying to KI or any university in Sweden with a student housing department should do, as I had researched and discovered just how difficult finding housing can be in Stockholm, another useful site is SSSB, which you can sign up to once you arrive in Stockholm and register for the MF card (student union) so you can begin to accrue days. I will use this service for my second year accommodation as Karolinska housing is only applicable for 1 year. Research your course in the meantime also, specifically reading these blogs and other sites such as which also have student blogs, and which I also contribute to. You can also email any student blogger on the site if you have specific questions or fears, remember no question is silly I and all of my fellow international bloggers know and understand how anxious a move to a big city and a foreign language can be.

So after I received my result and researched a bit more I went to Asia and enjoyed my travels so much (despite a life threatening food poisoning incident..excuse the dramatics..) and came home to Ireland for 2 months, I worked for 1 month and I guess you say I relaxed for the other before my flight to Stockholm. Of course I read and reread the ‘Survival Guide’ which will be sent to all successful applicants and truly has a wealth of information to help with a lot of common concerns and question. So that is all I did while I waited! I wish everyone the best of luck and remember if at first you don’t succeed try and try again.

Hej Då

I feel lucky to be here

Hej everyone! I’m Qianyun, a Chinese girl who has been in Stockholm for one year and a half. Before I came, I have already known that the world’s wireless communication technology is led by Sweden and KTH is famous for its research in Electrical Engineering field. Since I have decided to devote my interests and efforts into the research of wireless technologies, KTH will be an optimal place where I can equip myself for promoting cutting-edge advancements in this field. On the other hand, I was attracted by Scandinavian ancient culture, spectacular nature and easy life. I am craving for bring adventures into my life. After 18 months’ exploring, I found I love Sweden more than I expected, and I have a wealth of experience to share with you. In the first place, I would like to start with my Master’s program, Wireless systems.

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