Monthly archives: November 2012

Hallå from Sweden

Hello and välkommen to anyone who happens to stumble across this blog. My name is Brett, and I look forward to sharing my experiences in Sweden with all of you. Contrary to what the sign below indicates, Brett is actually a name in English and doesn’t mean ‘wide’ like it does in Swedish.

“Wide (Brett) assortment of clothing for everyone”. Photo: Brett Seward.

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It’s past midnight on a Sunday night, I’m lying in bed, urging myself to fall asleep but everyone know’s that if you think of sleep, as you try to sleep, you’re in no way going to succeed in your mission to sleep. So I stumble out of bed and decide to sit down for a few minutes. At the back of my mind are all the things that happened or didn’t happen this weekend: the revision that I feel was largely finished though I know was really not completed, the many phone calls to family a far and the catching up on errands, oh and the crisp Winter air caught whilst walking through the island of Djurgården.

One perspective of the Vasa ship. Photo: Oscar Eriksson.

One thing that is common to all these things is perspective…and something which has become more obvious whilst here in Sweden, studying the Global health course is perspective…What you feel, think, do, how you act, what you say, and all the decisions you make depend on your perspective, which in turn depends on your background, knowledge, experience of things in life.

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