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There’s something about volunteering

It’s 3 a.m., the sun has already risen up and I’m walking home with a bunch of other students, drunk, shouting, singing, dancing on our way. Tired but glad that this night was amazing, I can’t wait to be in my bed. The sound of basses and a high pitch are still in my years and I feel satisfied at the idea that I was a part of Dans Dakar 2012.

One of the things that took an important part in of my exchange year in Stockholm was volunteering.

It all began in October, when I discovered that I could work as a volunteer at the Stockholm International Film Festival (SIFF) that is held every November. Being a big fan of movies, I applied right away and after an interview I got a job as a Guest Host. The news was spreading and a lot of my Erasmus friends applied as well and we ended up in 30 working for the festival at different departments, Tickets, Production, Events, Guest department… As I speak French, I was appointed as a personal assistant for two Belgian film directors, Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon (actually she’s Australian-Canadian, but lives in Brussels). Basically my task was to escort them and to show them around, bring them to the different events (interviews, photo sessions, premieres, dinners…) Read more » >>

How to survive at a Swedish university.

The end of the scholar year is approaching and I realized  that I hadn’t written anything about the university system in Sweden. So let’s talk about studies before summer holidays start.

When I arrived from France the first thing that surprised me the most was the fact that I had only about 6 hours of class per week, whereas back in Dijon I had more than 30. “6 hours?! Wow!” I was delighted and made a lot of plans for the free time that I would have. But I shouldn’t have been happy too fast: in fact this time was supposed to be spent on reading the abundant course literature. For each course I had in average 3 books to comprehend and when you’re not used to read in English… well, these 3 books can seem to be veeeery long.

Another thing was that the books are quite expensive. So, 3 books per course, 4 courses per semester, 24 books per year..  can turn to be harmful to your student budget.  Read more » >>

How not to get cold in Lapland, meet a Swedish film director and get drunk in Uppsala.

After spending the first months in Sweden discovering the city of Stockholm, I really felt the need to see other parts of this big country. And, trust me, there’s a lot to see!

At the end of November my friends and I went to the Swedish Lapland, a trip organized by the Scanbalt experience. What I will remember from this trip is the amazing feeling of freedom and of being at the end of the world. The 18 hours and around 1, 400 km by bus frightened me, but at least I thought I would see a lot of swedish nature out the window. Fail: there was only 4 hours of light and then we were plunged into darkness. The home-made sandwiches, the music from the iPod, the failure of reading a book and ending up having a headache and the half-sleep resulted in a sensation of floating in the space. When we arrived at 7 a.m. I had the feeling of being in a dream: everything was unreal, the white landscapes in semi-darkness, the red houses of our hostel, the mines of Kiruna that looked like a giant black boat.

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