Monthly archives: April 2012

Stockholm never sleeps

…. or does it?

During the cold winter I wasn’t as enthusiastic at the idea of going out as I was at the beginning of the 1st semester. But once I was out of my Lappis room, I wasn’t ready to get back very soon.

Going out in Stockholm is always a dilemma between going to a concert, dancing in a nightclub, chilling in a bar or getting drunk at a corridor party. I have spent the first two years of my university studies in a small town of Dijon in the East of France. Dijon is not a big city to be fickle about choosing the place to go out, so when I arrived to Stockholm I was lost between all the possibilities that the night life can offer. Back in France on the week ends I mostly used to go to bars with my friends, drinking really cheap and quite good wine, and I really missed this “bar-culture” in Stockholm. And it’s not because Stockholm doesn’t have enough bars, no, on the contrary, there’s a lot of very nice places with good music and a cool atmosphere, but spending 6-7 euros on the less expensive beer spoils it all. But what Stockholm does have, in comparison to France, is the cool concept of night clubs with a chilling zone which sometimes has… a ping pong table. I swear, it’s the funniest thing you could do in a club and an original way to meet people.  Read more » >>

Trying to be a Swede part 2

So after my failure to be a Swede I have changed my tactic and tried to understand Swedes. I scrupulously elaborated my plan of action.

Step number 1: learn Swedish.

As you may have read in the previous post, I can argue during hours why you should learn Swedish. What amazes me the most in this language is when I hear Swedes speaking to each other I have the feeling they are imagining themselves in a theatre play: the way they talk and pronounce sentences is really performative! And I was so excited to go to Sweden that I started learning Swedish in… June. By myself. With a book. And CDs. Repeating “Hur måååår du?” 10 times a day by the swimming pool in Italy. I admit, it was quite absurd. My dad was laughing at me, my sister called me crazy but when I arrived in Stockholm 3 months later  I could at least understand some signs and some ads and was able to have a basic conversation. Funny thing, I was finally hearing Swedish, spoken in live, by Swedes, in Sweden. Read more » >>

Winter: the comeback

Incredibly enough, it’s snowing again. Can’t believe only two weeks ago it was 10 degrees and the sun was shining! Well, it’s the joys of Swedish weather I guess. Unpredictability.

But as Swedes say:

“Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder”

“There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”