Turkey Day Swedish Style

Dealing with homesickness when your studying abroad is inevitable. It is something that everyone has to deal with, just in different ways and to different degrees.  There is always something you experience everyday that makes you think about home. When the holidays come around it can be even harder to be in different country than the one with your family.

This past weekend was Canada’s thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is similar to many holidays in Sweden; it is centered around being with family and friends and eating copious amounts of food. It is a time to celebrate the bountiful harvest and enjoy it together with as many people as you can feed.  It can be difficult to spend times like this away from your friends and family at home so it is important to incorporate traditions like this into your life abroad.

Currently in Sweden fall is in full swing; the leaves have started to change colors, the temperature has dropped, and all of the fall vegetables are stocked. Being that Sweden is a lot like Canada this time of year, nothing reminds me of home more. 

Sweden in full fall beauty! Photo By: hepp (CC BY-NC 2.0)

No one really knows about thanksgiving here because it is a very North American holiday.  The best way to appreciate these unknown traditions is to share it with the people around you. There is nothing better than sharing your traditions with people who have never experienced it before. And, who doesn’t love an enormous home cooked meal.

Which means there is no better time to celebrate thanksgiving, Swedish style. So I went on a hunt for a big turkey, got lots of seasonal fall vegetables and called up some Swedish friends to join in on the celebration. After a long day of cooking and preparing we all sat around a huge table of food and had a great night.

And, the Swede’s got to experience not only thanksgiving for the first time, but also got to try a big roasted turkey. Because you can’t have a successful thanksgiving without a stuffed turkey!

Swedish style thanksgiving. Photos By: Kristin Follis

  • Monica-USA

    Happy Thanksgiving day Kristin. The turkey looks awesome. So what did your Swedish friends think about this Holiday did they enjoy it?

    • Kristin Follis

      Thanks Monica. I think they really enjoyed it. Everyone ate lots of food! I think thanksgiving is going to catch on in Sweden, if for no other reason then the delicious turkey that comes with it!

      • Monica-USA

        I am glad your Swedish friends enjoyed the tradition it is a good one, after all it is all about the food, family, friends and drinks!!! :o )

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linus-Andersson/523774354 Linus Andersson

    I should point out, that picture is not representative of swedish autumn..