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Royal weddings aside, love is…yeah, what is it?

I’m no expert on love but I have had a few encounters with it over the years and I guess I would have a few things to say about it if asked. Wouldn’t we all? A couple of weeks back, my colleague Oliver and I hit the streets of Stockholm to find out what other people think about love, jealousy and relationships. What works for them? How do they define love? What peeves them off? Well, you get the picture. We brought a camera guy with us and managed to convince a few people to be filmed. Here’s a sample:

They’re all also available in our own player – watch.sweden.se and on Youtube.

And what do I think? Well, I’m actually madly in love myself at the moment, so I refuse to speak on the matter on the grounds of temporary insanity (or hopefully not temporary at all…)

Room with a view — watch the wedding live

Photo: Per Gårdehall

Outside our office a couple of hours ago: dress rehearsal for the royal wedding tomorrow. No royals today, though — only a military parade and a few curious tourists (and a very scruffy-looking guy sitting in a very fancy horse-drawn carriage, where I suppose some royals will be sitting tomorrow). Good thing that they’re rehearsing, ’cause they weren’t exactly the most well coordinated group of people I’ve seen. Hoping for better sense of rhythm on the big day tomorrow.

And a live stream of the view from our office is also up and runnig — thanks to a lot of help from our IT guru, Janne! Now you can all just sit back in front of your screen and watch the wedding cortège and cheering crowds pass outside our office tomorrow afternoon. The cortège is set to start after the wedding ceremony, at 4:40 p.m. (16:40) CET. Enjoy! (You can also watch it here.)

I’m a bit scared of big crowds myself, so I prefer to watch it all from the safety of my own home. So… see you online tomorrow! Hopefully with no rain spoiling the view!

Touch our webcam, and you’re toast!


Robyn rules

Just watched Robyn’s latest video, “Dancing On My Own.” Perfect way to start the day after far too little sleep. (Due to very nice but slightly excessive, for some, after work mingle at the boss’s last night.) Typically Robynesque beat, which makes it hard to sit still – even here at the desk. Hard not to tap, tap, tap the desk annoyingly.

Director: Max Vitali. Producer: Nils Ljunggren. Choreographer: Decida. There also a behind the scenes version of the video.

I think Robyn is great. Cool, confident, independent. And humble. She was on the Swedish–Norwegian talk show Skavlan a few weeks ago. Skavlan: “How big are you in the United States?” Robyn: “Not that big at all, actually.” She goes on to explain that she’s only sold about half as many albums over there as in Sweden, but that it doesn’t bother her. Obviously I don’t know if she’s honest, but she does seem very down to earth. Amazingly so, considering that she’s been a pop star since she was 16. She will release three albums in 2010 – all from her own label, Konichiwa Records.

Respect, Robyn.


Sweet week at work!

The gorgeous weather has made us a bit senile when it comes to cutting off the lunch break and head back in to work (sunny Stockholm spots vs indoor office 5-0). We’ve also managed to buy a video camera for way too much money, and within a day send it off to the Middle East somewhere with our brand manager in charge. Despite it all, things are moving in the right direction. Me, I’m excited about our new video player that’s just about ready for beta testing. Now let’s see if we can get the weekend going in the right spirit. Drinks in the sun anyone?