We call it a kick

I guess I have been complaining a lot about the cold, dark Swedish winter. But this Christmas when I went to my mothers’ on the country side I suddenly remembered one of the fantastic advantages with icy roads: “the kick”.

In Swedish we would call it sparkstötting or more common spark, which literarily would mean “a kick”. Kick-sled seems to be the correct word in English.

As far as I know this is a typical Swedish/Nordic vehicle and we’ve had it since the 19th century. If you get a chance to try it – do so. I’ts fabulous and it can go much faster than you would expect.


  • Margaretha & Thomas Linehag

    Hej Cecilia,
    en liten hälsning från Margaretha o Thomas i Fårbo som nu är tillbaka i Sverige igen efter 3,5 vecka i Melbourne hos vår dotter Anna o hennes man Jason. Vi har alltid haft spark att ta oss fram med vintertid och våra barn tyckte att det var så roligt när de var små.
    PS. Vi träffade dig i butiken i Hawthorn strax innan du for till Sverige. Ha det gott.

  • Oregoncounsel

    Our family had one when we lived outside of Stockholm circa 1955-60 and they were used on icy roads. We would have the younger siblings in the seat and scoot down our street. Great fun in winter to sled, skate and ski during the cold winter months. And no ski lifts for the downhill, we angled our skis outward and did a modified duck walk up the slope.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like my child hood winters! Unfortunately I live in central Stockholm now and here it’s way too much sand and salt on the roads…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Margaretha & Thomas!
    Thank you for you greeting, but actually I think you must have met another Cecilia. I have never been to Australia, though I whish to go there some day in the future.

  • Ernie Easter

    We have one in our museum. New Sweden, Maine, USA was settled by Swedes in 1870.

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  • Margery

    Looks like great fun. Wish I had one here in NY.