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Succulent Cherries At Hötorget

Fruit stands in Hotorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeFruit stands in Hötorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeStrawberries - Fruit stand in Hötorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeFruit vendors - Photography by Lola AkinmadeWhenever I hit the center of town, I usually swing by Hötorget (Haymarket) to take in rows and rows of vividly colored fresh fruit and vegetables. And on days when I feel like breaking into my tiny savings account, I opt for 1-2 kilos of sweet bing cherries (bigarråer).

The guys are usually there everyday, except for Sundays when instead of fruit, you’ll find odd knick-knacks, vinyl records, worn out books, and other cheap antiques in their place at the makeshift flea market.