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Sweden roadtrip part 5, Höga kusten (The High Coast)

Climbing Via Ferrata at Skuleberget, The High Coast
View from Skuleskogen. Climbing Via Ferrata at Skuleberget, The High Coast

In the year 2000 Unesco added The High Coast to the World Heritage List because of its very special geology. It’s a beautiful place where you could stay a couple of days and do various excursions. We took a walk in Skuleskogen National Park [map] and spent a night in our tent by the sea. The morning after we climbed Skuleberget [map], where The High Coast Center have set up a Via Ferrata route. The view from the top is excellent and well worth the effort even though it might seem a bit touristy!

Real winter is here

Winter in Vasastan, Stockholm
Klättercentret, Solna

Snow has been falling all day, and I just came back from Klättercentret Solna [map]. Maybe I could bring out the skis from storage soon?

Sweden roadtrip part 2, Hudiksvall

Car in Hudiksvall

Stayed a day in Hudiksvall [map] and visited some friends. On our way to the next stop in Järvsö we passed a rock we didn’t have time to climb [map]… looked interesting though (minus huge amounts of mosquitos). Hopefully we’ll have time to come back.

Climbing at Klättercentret Telefonplan

Bouldring, Klättercentret Telefonplan
Climbing at Klättercentret Telefonplan
Bouldring at Klättercentret Telefonplan

Klättercentret Telefonplan [map] is the newest place in Stockholm where you can go climbing indoors. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of their coolest wall that really looks like a natural rock with cracks and everything… go and see for yourself instead. If you haven’t tried climbing before, just hire the gear and book one of their guides and you’re good to go.