Succulent Cherries At Hötorget

Fruit stands in Hotorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeFruit stands in Hötorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeStrawberries - Fruit stand in Hötorget - Photography by Lola AkinmadeFruit vendors - Photography by Lola AkinmadeWhenever I hit the center of town, I usually swing by Hötorget (Haymarket) to take in rows and rows of vividly colored fresh fruit and vegetables. And on days when I feel like breaking into my tiny savings account, I opt for 1-2 kilos of sweet bing cherries (bigarråer).

The guys are usually there everyday, except for Sundays when instead of fruit, you’ll find odd knick-knacks, vinyl records, worn out books, and other cheap antiques in their place at the makeshift flea market.

  • Helios

    Aw, come on. No savvy Stockholmer would ever visit those stalls, much less actually buy anything there. Perhaps the odd flower if one’s in a rush. It’s a terrible place and it’s filled with counterfeit products, produce of questionable quality and downright crap. What has this blog become? Some sort of top ten list for places in Stockholm only visited by tourists and newcomers? Are you actually a resident of Stockholm?

    • Lola Akinmade

      Hey Helios! Regarding the makeshift flea market, one man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure. As for the produce, I personally find their bing cherries and strawberries on point.

    • August Fiend

      @ Helios: get a life!!!….oh and ps….trailing this blog….racking your mind for negative comments to post doesnt count!!!

  • Barbara

    Way to go Lola, the fruit looks absolutely amazing. Love when people are big headed to actually call themselves savvy, maybe they shouldn’t judge people that are maybe not as well off as them, okay Helios. You know you never know what’s around life’s corner so Helios stop judging and Thank God for your blessings. Lola as always your blogs are great and they should be happy that you are a resident of Stockholm.

  • Pelle

    You´re funny, Helios! I bet when you visit the exact same kind of market in far away land are quick to tell your friends “Ooooh, I discovered this fabulous place, so excellent and real – this we never see back home.” And you are right, you don´t – it´s difficult to see with the nose pointing upwards. I have never quite understood what is so scary about tourists and newcomers. I am one myself every time I travel. Thanks Lola for sharing, Hötorget rocks to us Stockholmers.