Preparing for the Reindeer Caravan

Lars Johannes and others of Reindeer Caravan - Photography by Lola AkinmadeSami family getting ready - Photography by Lola AkinmadeReindeer Caravan - Photography by Lola AkinmadePer Kuhmunen - Reindeer Caravan - Photography by Lola Akinmade

Every year during the first week of February, local Sámi elder, Per Kuhmunen, leads his reindeer caravan through the narrow makeshift alleys of the 400+ year old Jokkmokk market, the largest traditional Sámi festival in the world.

Pulling his reindeer and grandchildren along on wooden sleds using his snowmobile, the caravan stops next to the old Sámi church where Per parks. The family then take off their winter coats and change into a few last-minute accessories before continuing on foot towards the market.

  • Sonya

    Your photography is so vivid and stunning, Lola!

    • Lola Akinmade

      Thanks Sonya!

  • Yvonne

    wow. Lola I love your pics!!

  • Writingjulie

    I’m really enjoying your Swedish work, Lola. I’m learning quite a bit through your photos and posts.

    • Lola Akinmade

      Thanks Julie!

  • Sophie

    Love these shots, Lola. The mum helping the little boy with his kofte, the man adjusting his hat… – great snapshots

    • Lola Akinmade

      Tack Sophie! My challenge will be showing more ground-level, behind the scenes type photography

  • Candace

    Lola–these shots are stunning! I heard a couple of weeks ago that you’re going to be at TBU in Manchester–that definitely made me that much more excited to go :) Thanks for the beautiful images.

    • Lola Akinmade

      Yay Candace! Great to hear from you and thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you again at TBU.

  • NancydBrown

    I loved meeting this Sami couple in northern Norway. If you want to include my YouTube video of their unique singing, you are welcome to use. Search Sami Culture Northern Norway on my YouTube Channel or this link:

    • Lola Akinmade

      Thanks for including the link Nancy!

  • Esohe

    Awesome photograohs Lola! Totally inspiring:)

  • Gabriel

    Amazing photos. Thanks

  • Travelogged

    I’m seriously in love with these colorful outfits and reindeer. These photos are amazing!

  • Ayngelina

    I love the vibrance against the stark white climate, quite beautiful.

  • Ben Mack

    @Carl Rylander: Good point! It’s always polite to learn ay least the basics of a language before you go somewhere. And I think it’s even easier when you’re in a country where everyone speaks the language you’re trying to learn. If I really wanted to learn Portuguese I’d go to Portugal, for example.

  • Monica-USA

    It will  be sad if Sweden looses her native language, it is such  a  beautiful language  it is  like they are singing when they are speaking.

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