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A Stinky Food Tradition

Pehr opening up surstromming - Food photography by Lola AkinmadeSide items and tasting with surstromming - Food photography by Lola AkinmadeServing surstromming - Food photography by Lola AkinmadeFinal look of served surstromming - Food photography by Lola Akinmade

I couldn’t get over the flies (some disoriented by the smell themselves) that swarmed around us the first time Pehr cracked open a bulging can of bubbling surströmming (fermented herring) in front of me.

He then took a piece of raw herring, pulled out its swollen pink innards, and spread bits of fish over buttered, crispy thin bread (tunnbröd), finally layering it with slices of almond potatoes, chopped onions, and fresh dill sprigs.

I’ve tried surstromming thrice – each time taking no more than two bites. I estimate in about five years, I would have finally worked my way around a single tunnbröd loaded with stinky fish (pictured above).

Flickr favorite: Skanstull by Night

Skanstull by nightPhoto by: Tobias Löfgren, (CC BY NC SA)

Flickr favorite: Millesgården

MillesgårdenPhoto by: Miss_Ohara, (CC BY NC)

Playing Ball In The Middle Of Town

Volleyball players on Swedish Beach Tour - Photography by Lola AkinmadeDuring a short detour to Sundsvall on my roadtrip up to Luleå, I stumbled across a couple shirtless guys playing volleyball right in the middle of town. Elite beach volleyball athletes tour Sweden every summer as part of the Swedish Beach Tour, visiting nine cities across the country – from Malmö in the south up to  Umeå in the north. Naturally, I had to stop to investigate…

Flickr favorite: Drottningholms slott

Drottningholms SlottPhoto by: Per Ola Wiberg, (CC BY)