Monthly archives: December 2010

Sweden roadtrip part 10, Åre

Paragliding in Åre, Sweden
Wakeboarding in Åre, Sweden
Hiking in Åre, Åreskutan, Sweden
Downhill biking in Åre, Sweden
Wiew over the mountains from Åreskutan, Åre, Sweden

Åre [map], one of Sweden’s most popular ski resorts, is wonderful in summertime as well. Beautiful nature, plenty of things to do. Hiking, rafting, downhill biking, canoeing, horseback riding, paragliding, to name a few. There are also many restaurants and bars in Åre, but nightlife is more vibrant in the wintertime.

Dinner at restaurant B.A.R.

B.A.R. Blasieholmens Akvarium o Restaurang
Fish and oysters at B.A.R.
Fish at restaurang B.A.R.
The bar at restaurant B.A.R.

Went out for dinner with my friends to B.A.R. (Blasieholmens Akvarium o Restaurang) [map]. The concept is to pick out what kind of fish or shellfish you want from an ice display or aquarium, and then you add side orders from the menu. It’s possible to order meat as well, but the reason to go there is the fish. If you haven’t done it before, try a sea-urchin, if you dare…

Snow-rain and zero degrees

Rain on window in front of snowy roof top
Working from home

No fancy weather. Decided working from home was better than office today :-)

Sweden roadtrip part 9, Dorotea and Östersund

Storsjön, Östersund

Passed Dorotea on our way to Östersund, and found a beautiful beach with a view over the mountains in the horizon.

Holiday feeling in Stockholm

Christmas at Biblioteksgatan, Stockholm
Christmas in the Old Town, Stockholm

Christmas decorations all over town…