Monthly archives: November 2010

Sweden roadtrip part 4, Härnösand

Boulders in Härnösand

Next stop was to visit my friend Karin and her family at their summer house on Härnön, Härnösand [map]. A beautiful place by the sea and 10 minutes walk through the forest from the nearest road. Karin loves sewing and has a fancy for vintage patterns, but also creates her own designs. Visit her blog Ancien-Nouveau here.

Cross-country skiing in Täby


Stockholm is covered with pure white powder snow. Finally everything is lighter, cleaner, and very much nicer. Today me and some friends drove up to Täby [map] for an hour of cross country skiing, before heading home again to warm up with “fika” and mulled wine.

Sweden roadtrip part 3, Downhill in Järvsö

Downhill in Järvsö
Downhill in Järvsö

On our way up north we did a short stop in Järvsö to try out their newly built downhill bike park [map]. None of us had tried downhill before, but we got really hooked, it was extremely fun! The trails were built by Whistler Gravity Logic, trail building professionals from Whistler, Canada. Without much to compare with, we thought it felt like a great ride.

Real winter is here

Winter in Vasastan, Stockholm
Klättercentret, Solna

Snow has been falling all day, and I just came back from Klättercentret Solna [map]. Maybe I could bring out the skis from storage soon?

Sweden roadtrip part 2, Hudiksvall

Car in Hudiksvall

Stayed a day in Hudiksvall [map] and visited some friends. On our way to the next stop in Järvsö we passed a rock we didn’t have time to climb [map]… looked interesting though (minus huge amounts of mosquitos). Hopefully we’ll have time to come back.