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Peter Von Poehl’s melodies

I never showed these two polaroids of Peter Von Poehl that I’ve made at home in studio lights without any purpose else than personnal studies.
I know Peter since a while. We made numbers of shootings together in 6 years.
He’s from Malmö but lives between Paris, Berlin and Sweden where he records his (and, as a producer,  few of other people’s) albums. Mainly at AGM Studios with its owner the musician (in Brainpool) and producer/engineer (of too many bands to name!) Christopher Lundquist. An analogical studio hidden in the Scanian countryside.
Peter writes melodies that only talent can make so obvious. Pure pop songs that stay in your brain.
His two albums, “Going to where the tee trees are” and “Mayday” are made like timeless classicals.
When I listen to his songs a feeling comes to me, something like not being home, in a foreign place, standing by the sea shore, closed eyes, a gentle breeze on the face. All this is surely pretty personnal, like every feeling I guess, but something close to fullness, having a break wherever you are. Probably, simply what people can expect from… good music!