Festivals Festivals!

Hello there,

Time has come for this blog to get a little well-earned holiday. To go fishing, camping, swimming. Eat pickled herring, drink snaps, hang out at Ingmar Bergman’s Fårö. Dance around naked singing the Wicker Man theme.
You know, Swede stuff.

But before that, let’s figure out which festivals to attend! I’m playing live at some and DJing at others, but really I think I’d go either way because in recent years Swedish festivals have really stepped up their game.
There are more of them and they aim a lot higher. They are bigger (or smaller) and better. (And sometimes faster and harder but I don’t go to those).

Just take Gothenburg’s Way Out West for example. It was recently chosen by Time Out Magazine as one of the five hottest festivals in Europe. And with Prince, Kanye West and Robyn topping the bill, who can blame them?

Aside from Way Out West, here are a few other ones you shouldn’t miss – and some (Swedish) reasons as to why not:

Peace And Love
28 June – 2 july, Borlänge

Go there for:
Oskar Linnros, Lykke Li, Those Dancing Days

Oskar Linnros Från Och Med Du

(And if you want it translated, go here for a recent cover of that very song, in English by Magnus Carlsson and The Moon Quartet. And them you can see live at Hultsfred, below).

Non Swede-bonus: Oh, and Bob Dylan is coming….

Putte i Parken
6-9 Juli, Karlskoga

Go there for: Syket, Veronica Maggio, Peter Bjorn And John

Syket Let It Heal

14-16 July, Arvika

Go there for:
First Aid Kit, Museum of Bellas Artes, The Concretes (yes that’s me)

First Aid Kit Hard Believer

14 – 16 July, Hultsfred

Go there for:
The Tallest Man On Earth, The Sound Of Arrows, This Is Head

The Tallest Man On Earth Where Do My Bluebird Fly

Also, listen to a brand new and very pretty song by Kristian Matsson (TTMOE) here. Judging by the lyrics the song may be called There Is No Leaving Now (but There Is No Way Of Knowing That For Sure).


27-30 July

This remains the indie festival to end all indie festivals.
It’s a lovely little thing and usually a great place to catch bands early.

Go there for:

jj, Daniel Adams-Ray, This Is Head

Daniel Adams-Ray Gubben i Lådan


28-30 July, Östersund

Go there for:
Veronica Maggio, Niki & The Dove, Håkan Hellström

Veronica Maggio Jag Kommer

Also, you can donload Niki & The Doves The Fox for free here.


26-27 August, Eriksdalsbadet Stockholm

This is one of my favourites. We played last year and it’s just so nice and civilized and always a brilliant lineup. Not to mention it’s in my home town!

Go there for:
(More bands to be announced but Swedes confirmed so far are) Lykke Li and Those Dancing Days.

Lykke Li I Follow Rivers

That’s all for now. So long folks, I might see you in a Swedish forest soon but until then I’ll leave you with this and my wishes for a wonderful summer for each and all!