Watching sunbeams grow from dead

A new version of Museum Of Bellas Artes lovely ‘Days Ahead‘ (a song first released last year on an EP by the same name) came out on Monday and with it this brand new video:


Not only is it a splendid little song, I also borrowed its opening line to sum up today’s theme of mine.
Which is spring, summer, sun.
Or things that make me think of.

Because to be honest it is all I can think of.

I realize you have heard this before but it is true: there is nothing like Swedish summer.


And on that note:

Let Go by jj from jj no 3, 2010

A Sweet Summer’s Night On Hammer Hill by Jens Lekman, 2005

Air France built their whole sound on summer really but I chose No Excuses (2009) because the video is so pretty. (Directed by Marcus Söderlund who also did the jj video above)

Minnen Av Aprilhimlen – Håkan Hellström, 2002
(Yes, I’ll keep posting Håkan songs because one day you’ll get him and then you’ll thank me!)
Trivia: Lyrics borrowed from Pavement’s Gold Soundz. They are drunk in August in that song and in this one it’s April but the line “you’re the kind of girl i like, because you’re empty and I’m empty” is identical, only it’s in Swedish here.

El Perro Del Mar by Johanna Hedblom
No video for this but hear it on Spotify: Into The Sunshine by El Perro Del Mar

…and yet more from Gothenburg (makes sense, they’ve always been our balearic capital): Holiday by The Tough Alliance, 2004…

…and one half of them, CEO with his rendition of Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer, 2010...

which is the hymn we sing in church on the last day of school before summer.
It doesn’t get much more summer-y than that.
(Min Stora Sorg recently gave that same hymn a go, with her interpretation, Blomstertid)

And since we (well you) are already lost in translation, some bonus tracks:

Bonus#1 Lill-Babs – Gröna Granna Sköna Sanna Sommar (and if not for the tune then for the awesome photos of her! God she was hot).

Bonus#2 I can’t think of many things more Swedish than this. It is the opening of Släpp Fångarne Loss Det Är Vår, a comedy from 1975, directed by Swedish 70′s comedy superstar Tage Danielsson, and a political comment on the then much debated liberalisation of Sweden’s correctional treatment. The title of the film (as well as the chorus) translates as “Let the prisoners go, spring is here!“)

Bonus#3 ABBA Summer Night City, 1978. Maybe not their finest musical moment but still, what a stylist!
That literally foxy dress Frida is wearing…