Festivals Festivals!

Hello there,

Time has come for this blog to get a little well-earned holiday. To go fishing, camping, swimming. Eat pickled herring, drink snaps, hang out at Ingmar Bergman’s Fårö. Dance around naked singing the Wicker Man theme.
You know, Swede stuff.

But before that, let’s figure out which festivals to attend! I’m playing live at some and DJing at others, but really I think I’d go either way because in recent years Swedish festivals have really stepped up their game.
There are more of them and they aim a lot higher. They are bigger (or smaller) and better. (And sometimes faster and harder but I don’t go to those).

Just take Gothenburg’s Way Out West for example. It was recently chosen by Time Out Magazine as one of the five hottest festivals in Europe. And with Prince, Kanye West and Robyn topping the bill, who can blame them?

Aside from Way Out West, here are a few other ones you shouldn’t miss – and some (Swedish) reasons as to why not:

Peace And Love
28 June – 2 july, Borlänge

Go there for:
Oskar Linnros, Lykke Li, Those Dancing Days

Oskar Linnros Från Och Med Du

(And if you want it translated, go here for a recent cover of that very song, in English by Magnus Carlsson and The Moon Quartet. And them you can see live at Hultsfred, below).

Non Swede-bonus: Oh, and Bob Dylan is coming….

Putte i Parken
6-9 Juli, Karlskoga

Go there for: Syket, Veronica Maggio, Peter Bjorn And John

Syket Let It Heal

14-16 July, Arvika

Go there for:
First Aid Kit, Museum of Bellas Artes, The Concretes (yes that’s me)

First Aid Kit Hard Believer

14 – 16 July, Hultsfred

Go there for:
The Tallest Man On Earth, The Sound Of Arrows, This Is Head

The Tallest Man On Earth Where Do My Bluebird Fly

Also, listen to a brand new and very pretty song by Kristian Matsson (TTMOE) here. Judging by the lyrics the song may be called There Is No Leaving Now (but There Is No Way Of Knowing That For Sure).


27-30 July

This remains the indie festival to end all indie festivals.
It’s a lovely little thing and usually a great place to catch bands early.

Go there for:

jj, Daniel Adams-Ray, This Is Head

Daniel Adams-Ray Gubben i Lådan


28-30 July, Östersund

Go there for:
Veronica Maggio, Niki & The Dove, Håkan Hellström

Veronica Maggio Jag Kommer

Also, you can donload Niki & The Doves The Fox for free here.


26-27 August, Eriksdalsbadet Stockholm

This is one of my favourites. We played last year and it’s just so nice and civilized and always a brilliant lineup. Not to mention it’s in my home town!

Go there for:
(More bands to be announced but Swedes confirmed so far are) Lykke Li and Those Dancing Days.

Lykke Li I Follow Rivers

That’s all for now. So long folks, I might see you in a Swedish forest soon but until then I’ll leave you with this and my wishes for a wonderful summer for each and all!


The Week That Was IV

The Week(ish) That Was returns! A little late but in a splendid mood. Apologies for this (late arrival) but I’ve been in full gardener mode trying to save my newly planted sunflowers from the surprisingly strong wind we’ve had here recently. And then the internet bailed on me.
Nature and technology, eh.
Anyways, all sorted now, here is what was:

Label Sincerely Yours are putting out new stuff like there is no tomorrow (and just the other day there wasn’t).
Their latest release comes from Jonas Lundqvist – previously in Bad Cash Quartet and Jonas Game for a while – with a single called Du, Drömmar & Jag. As the title of the song implies it’s in Swedish but I  bet it’s catchy in English ears too. It should be, considering Rasmus Hägg, half of balearic superduo Studio, produced it.
Head over to SYs site and download the song for free.
Video directed by Christian Saldert.


…and Serenades (that I wrote about last week) got themselves a video too.  For their song Birds.
(They also said in an interview that they have recorded a cover of Best Coast’s Boyfriend so keep your ears to the ground, folks!).

…AND Kriget also has a new single out and it looks like this ^and it sounds and moves like this. (<–link to video). Kriget are Christoffer Roth, Gustav Bendt and Per Nordmark (from Fireside). Between them I’d say they have played with, toured with and/or produced probably 82% of all bands/artists to hail out of Sweden in the past decade (don’t hold me to this though, it’s a very casual approach to numbers and facts I have here).

Ok ok ok, one last video: Big Fox. New video, new single, new fox. Hybris latest signing. And it’s pretty! Check her out, buy the single off itunes, etc.

Also, Dante, my sweet friend and the drummer in my band, put out his debut EP last week. On it he does a cover of Clarence Carter’s Next To You. I love the original and the cover equally, and that’s saying a lot! Go have a listen to the whole thing on Spotify!

Lykke Li made two stops last week at New York City’s Webster Hall. Pitchfork has got the photos to prove it.

And coming up…

Les Big Byrd play live at Strand on Friday. Hear their fine little EP over on Spotify,

And I am DJing at Landet on Saturday for Boom Boom & Doom. Playing live are Natten (=the night). They sound like this.
So you really should come if you’re in town!

And if you speak Swedish you can hear me blabber on on the radio. I did so for an hour yesterday, talking about the history of my band, creativity and my future as a dolphin trainer.

More soon!


A Rough Guide to Sweden: by Peter Morén

Peter, Bjorn and John (though really Bjorn, John and Peter).

I emailed my friend Peter, from Peter Bjorn And John, and asked him to give you guys a little peek into his Stockholm and Sweden. Below is what he had to say. Not only is this a great little thing to print out if you want good tips on where to eat, drink, walk and buy records but it will also make it SO much easier if you wanna stalk him next time you’re in town.

PBJ are heading to Texas and California soon for some shows and after that you can catch them at various festivals in Europe. See all tour dates here.

Their latest album Gimme Some is out now (StarTime International/Cooking Vinyl).

Three things not to miss when in Sweden
1.The archipelago outside Stockholm
2.The island Gotland
3. Going up to the most northern part in the summer and have neverending sun all night.

Your favourite Swedish album of all time?
It might not be the best album per se but I like returning to it never the less; Studio by Tages. Partly because I have a weak spot for midly psychedelic 60′s popsike in general and when it’s done in an odd swedish accent with goofy lyrics and folk violins from the part I grew up in (Dalarna) I just can’t resist it.

Sweden in one sentence?
Boring, beautiful and worthwhile.

Three things the rest of the world could learn from Sweden?
1. The benefits of helping out each other through taxpaying and not be totally egoistic.
We are going towards the right like the rest of Europe; but I do hope we can somehow turn the trend and keep Sweden socialistic.
2. We are not there yet by far; but we are pretty aware of  the importance of equality between the genders
3. For pop music-writers and performers (English is after all the international pop music language) I think it helps that we don’t dub television series and films here like they do in Spain or Germany and other places.


…walk in Stockholm?
It’s very “bourgeoisie” but I love taking a walk with dog and wife around the beautiful half-island that is Djurgården.
So green and calm it’s hard to understand it’s in the middle of a city.

…music venue?
Debaser Slussen is a proper small rock ‘n’ roll-club.
I love it during the weekdays when there’s not too many people there and some obscure band are playing for us nerds. During the weekend it’s more like a kindergarten and a bit too crowded for my taste. I also really like Strand, and KB in Malmö.

Has to be Snottys on Skånegatan. It’s close to my studio, they serve decent food and usually don’t play music that  irritate me and you can bring your dog.

Gilda at Nytorget, probably for the same reasons as Snottys. Apart from maybe the music..

Pet Sounds. Also close to my studio. And close to Snottys and Gilda. And they sell records. I like records.

Ha, ha…this is an extreme cliché but Skånegatan. For the same reason as all the above. On the other hand I really do like walking around on deserted streets in Östermalm where you only meet old ladies and snobs. It’s calming.

Råkultur serves exceptional sushi; as good as most of the best sushi I’ve tried around the world.

Hammarbyhöjden is the best suburb, not only ’cause I live there but because it’s really close to the city and still you feel like you’re way out in the countryside.


I realize a majority of you are not based in Stockholm, but I’m hoping some of you are stopping by in the near future, and below are some shows I think you should go see if in town in May.
And if there is no Sweden on your horizon, consider these a few very good reasons to change that.
(And please help yourself to some music). 

May 19 Me and My Army, Annexet (supporting Glasvegas)

Me and My Army (here with The Only One) is the latest project of Andreas Kleerup (who is better know as solo artist and as the producer/writer behind Robyn’s With Every Heartbeat)


May 19 Elias Krantz, Etablissemanget (free entry)
Elias Krantz – Tody Motmot (click here to download song) from the upcoming album Night Ice, out May 23.

May 20, Säkert!, Gröna Lund

Får jag by Säkert! (or Annika Norlin as she is called, or Hello Saferide which is her moniker when she does music in English) writes clever (in a good way) lyrics in Swedish but I hope and think the music comes across even without the words. She pronounces them nicely, no?

May 21
Nottee, Debaser Slussen (with Das Pop)

Nottee – Don’t Waste Your Light On Me (get it here)

And daytime Saturday you should also swing by Gärdet where there is a tiny little festival (don’t tell your friends because I shouldn’t be telling you) with a big bunch of bands playing…

Sibille Attar aka Little Red Corvette and also known from [ingenting] that I wrote about here.

including Little Red Corvette (<– video) and Mackaper (download one of their songs + a Michael Rother cover).

May 26 Serenades, Södra Teatern

Seremades is the new project from Shout Out Louds Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegård.
Get their first single Birds for free here


May 27, jj, Trädgården Under bron

If you didn’t the other day, download jj’s new single No One Can Touch Us Tonight for free here



The Week That Was III

Whoa, time flies. As becomes extra obvious when it’s time (all the time!) for another episode of this little series.
This is what the third Week That Was was:

jj’s ‘no one can touch us tonight

Gothenburg duo jj pushed back the release of their new album, jj no4, but gave us two two brand new songs to ease the wait. You can download them from the Sincerely Yours site for free or you can order one of the 10 CD copies they have made, each with a unique sleeve handmade by the band and Malin Bernalt.
The physical release will set you back though, €100 / 1000 SEK to be precise.

Team Rockit 7″
The same label also put out a 7″ by new signing Team Rockit. Team Rockit is produced by the male half of above-mentioned jj and I can’t decide if it’s despite of or because it is rap in Swedish on top of a euro beat that it sounds so very Sincerely Yours… Download the songs for free here.


Loney Dear shared this very pretty “liveish version from forthcoming album summer/fall 2011″.


Check out this beautiful video for Stockholm duo I Break Horses song Hearts. The video is directed by Alex Southam, the band is signed to Bella Union and to quote the band, their album is coming out “sometime around summer”…


On the subject of videos, Picture “works as a truck operator in a liquor store” and this video, by Sebastian Rozenberg, is for the song Heaven 7. You can get the mp3 here.


Sebastian Rozenberg also did the above video for Testbild’s song Kattsand which is taken from the new, their sixth, album, Barrikad, which comes out on May 28 on Kalligrammofon.

Get to know fine Swedish record label Hybris – home of Korallreven, Juvelen, Jonathan Johansson, Familjen and many more, over at svenskmusik.org where they have been chosen Label Of The Month.


Amanda Mair, the latest, and probably youngest, signing to Labrador (whom I mentioned here) did TV4 Nyhetsmorgon today. It sounded and looked like this (can’t embed, sorry).

In case you missed the last paragraph in my previous post, here comes the last in this one:
Another fine Swedish label, Häpna, has just put out the first album by Ohayo, a band that consists of some of Sweden’s finest musicians (in my humble opinion). Order it from their site (and read more about them) or have a listen to The State We’re In on Spotify.