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The greatest Swedish love song ever?

Being more of a high-energy diva than slow-swinging smoocher on the dancefloor means my musical tastes don’t extend to melodies of love. Especially in Swedish.

So after a request for recommendations among my Facebook friends, I’ve compiled a top five list of Swedish love songs. There’s everything from harmonious classics to quirky lyrics but, as for whether they’re really the greatest, I’ll let you be the judge.

Artist: Lisa Nilsson
Song: Himlen Runt Hornet (Heaven’s Around the Corner) 1992
What it’s about: Sick and fed up of being single and then realizing that love was right in front of your eyes. You’ve waited patiently and, not before time, met the one and know you’ll never be alone again.

Artist: Håkan Hellström
Song: Jag hatar att jag älskar dig och jag älskar dig så mycket att jag hatar mig (I hate that I love you and I love you so much that I hate myself) 2006
What it’s about: Still being in love with an ex who has moved on and is completely over you. You realize breaking up was a big mistake and now your friends are telling you to move on because your getting rather obsessed about it.

Artist: Tomas Ledin
Song: I natt är jag din (Tonight I’m Yours) 1977
What it’s about: A no-nonsense message to pull down the blinds and get ready for a night of passion. Quite frankly we’ve done enough talking now and I’m ready to “offer you my body on a silver platter.”

Artist: Cecilia Vennersten
Song: Den Vackraste (The Most Beautiful) 1995
What it’s about: Watching over your loved one while they are sleeping peacefully and coming to the conclusion that your love for them, their love for you and your love for one another is the most beautiful thing you know. They obviously don’t snore then.

Artist: Ulf Lundell
Song. Öppna landskap (Open Landscapes) 1982
What it’s about: The joker in the pack, this epic is a tribute to the Swedes’ love of nature. They’re at their happiest in the freedom and tranquillity of the outdoors, by the ocean and while making homemade schnapps. I suppose it makes a change from being content to have your loved one by your side.