Happy ever after

I was hoping to witness an afternoon of mass weddings to end my reign and sign off my final post as the seasonal love blogger this summer. It was a way to go out with a bang – in the same vein I’m expecting the weekend’s Stockholm Pride celebrations to come to a close.

This year, organizers had arranged an event entitled “Five minutes and a lifetime of love” to take place at Pride House, otherwise known as the capital’s Kulturhuset. The idea? To consecutively marry around 20 gay or lesbian couples during a two-hour period on a Friday afternoon.

I only found out this week it had been cancelled. When I called Stockholm Pride to ask why, I left an answerphone message and received no response. When I called Kulturhuset they cited “lack of interest” as something of a hearsay reason.

Gay wedding. Big deal. Nice outfits though. Photo: Mathilda Piehl

It’s been over a year now since Sweden legally entitled gay couples the right to marry. So if the event was called off because couples weren’t exactly queuing up to tie the knot, should we really be surprised? Making a statement or public spectacle is not the way everyone wants to celebrate their big day.

Sweden’s gay community fought long and hard for same-sex marriage legislation to pass –  perhaps they just don’t feel the need to stick out of the crowds any more.

On the other hand, one wonders whether they are just happy to put up and shut up after getting want they wanted. They need to make a scene and their voice heard in parts of the world that are not as liberal as Sweden when it comes to gay issues. For me that goes hand-in-hand with their party-love-politics philosophy.

But they are getting married. We know that. According to Statistics Sweden, 774 same-sex couples married in 2009 from May 1st, the day the law was introduced.

A wedding shouldn’t be a PR stunt. I’ve never really pondered how they should be much before now. But during a love-blogging month along with a proposal in hand, I guess it’s about time to start.

Now that’s what I call a happy ending.