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Midsummer Murder: deadly slugs, white strawberries and a tale of hope

Friday was midsummer’s eve, probably the most celebrated event in the Swedish calendar. People head to their summer cottages, gather with family and friends, eat herring, drink snaps, sing songs and stay up too late. It ranks fairly low on my list of highlights of the year; way behind wedding anniversary, Christmas and summer holiday, but we had fun anyway, and spent it with a nice bunch of people. Read more » >>

Promises Kept and Backs Broken: an adventure in sweat and seeds

I’ve been spending a disproportionate amount of time on my knees these last few weekends. A bent-double, back-breaking labour of love, to keep a foolish promise I made. But now the hard work is done. Now it’s just a question of waiting. I’m going to be a dad again. Read more » >>

Talk is Cheap, Seeds Cheaper: the sweat and the pain of keeping a promise

The time had come to stop talking. At least, that’s what the dissenters in my family told me. When it comes to talking versus doing, I think doing is overrated. You can’t put your back out by talking. Read more » >>

Marinated Herring, Roast New Potatoes and Cow Pooh: the alternative joys of spring in Sweden

I’m feeling optimistic; just so you know. A lot has happened this past weekend. For all the false starts, it feels that spring (bordering on early summer) has finally, definitively arrived. The root of my optimism lies in something that appeals to my inner peasant: potatoes, herring and planting stuff; I know, doesn’t sound too glamorous, but stick with me. Read more » >>

For Those About to Shop

With four kids and one wife to cook for I hold my hands up and admit: some days I only find the time run into my local supermarket and pick up a tin (yes, a tin folks) of Soldatens Ärtsoppa. Soldier’s pea soup: a Swedish classic that, I’m guessing, they used to give to soldiers. But sometimes (a little too often if you ask my bank balance) I find the time to go on a little food safari. For those of you curious enough to read on, here’s my guide to the best of Swedish food shopping in Stockholm. No, really, read on. You never know when you might find yourself food shopping in Stockholm. Seriously. Read more » >>