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Talk is Cheap, Seeds Cheaper: the sweat and the pain of keeping a promise

The time had come to stop talking. At least, that’s what the dissenters in my family told me. When it comes to talking versus doing, I think doing is overrated. You can’t put your back out by talking. Read more » >>

Marinated Herring, Roast New Potatoes and Cow Pooh: the alternative joys of spring in Sweden

I’m feeling optimistic; just so you know. A lot has happened this past weekend. For all the false starts, it feels that spring (bordering on early summer) has finally, definitively arrived. The root of my optimism lies in something that appeals to my inner peasant: potatoes, herring and planting stuff; I know, doesn’t sound too glamorous, but stick with me. Read more » >>

The Art of Stealth Grilling: a tradition no one saw coming

Avid followers of my blog (me and my wife Pia) will know by now that I have a tradition that I hold dear: barbecue opening night; the first day of the year that I dust off the Weber and welcome the new grill season. Other, more casual readers (my mother, when she remembers how to work the computer) will know that I also shun traditions. This puts me in a spot. Read more » >>

What a sap: why you should never listen to old men in forests

My sap is rising. Well, not mine exactly. I refer to the sap in my trees; specifically my birch tree. The big, beautiful and in all likelihood rather old birch tree that occupies stage left in the view from my kitchen window. Let me explain. Read more » >>

And so it Begins: milky lamb, pink rhubarb and all things good

Something big happened this weekend. Not Easter, although that did happen, obviously. What happened was an event of much greater meaning (to me, anyway). What happened was simple: Swedish food appeared. Read more » >>