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Sausages on a Wednesday: the ultimate luxury

As the last glowing embers of barbecue season begin to die down, so to speak, it’s nice to cram in as many grilling sessions as you can. But Monday to Thursday grilling, for a family man with a job, can be too time consuming. Read more » >>

A Reluctant Autumn Feast

This weekend I was forced to give up the fight. The leaves have started their decent into gold-hued death, the birds have ceased their joyful song, September mornings bring a new, silver-tinged chill to the air and Pia has put away the garden furniture. Summer, my friends, is over. Read more » >>

Soup: if it’s good for old men, it’s good for me

Many years ago, as a young man, I shared a flat with a guy called Anthony. I was best man at his wedding. We took a golf trip to Portugal to celebrate our 40th birthdays. He is, to coin a schoolboy phrase, my best friend. Read more » >>

New Socks and No Kids: must be pizza time

Yesterday I bought two pairs of socks and a pizza stone. I’ve got one of the pairs of socks on today; the green pair. I couldn’t wait nearly as long to try the pizza stone; that was much more exciting, so we had pizza for dinner. Read more » >>

Caviar, bones and no photocopiers: a very Swedish office party

I recently started a new job. What I do is not important at this juncture; partly because it has no connection with my blog, partly because I’m not really sure myself (just don’t tell my boss that). What is important is that I received the crucial call last week: my first invite to a company party. Read more » >>