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The Wonder of Chickens That Wander

Chicken is underrated. “It tastes like chicken,” people say to describe anything of little or no discernible taste. I heard someone on the tube just last week extoll the virtues of chicken on the basis that “it doesn’t taste too strong.” Where did it all go wrong, I ask, for one of the finest meats available? What gave chicken such a bad rap? Read more » >>

Sausages on a Wednesday: the ultimate luxury

As the last glowing embers of barbecue season begin to die down, so to speak, it’s nice to cram in as many grilling sessions as you can. But Monday to Thursday grilling, for a family man with a job, can be too time consuming. Read more » >>

A Reluctant Autumn Feast

This weekend I was forced to give up the fight. The leaves have started their decent into gold-hued death, the birds have ceased their joyful song, September mornings bring a new, silver-tinged chill to the air and Pia has put away the garden furniture. Summer, my friends, is over. Read more » >>

A Harvest to be Proud of

I have serious issues with the Swede’s approach to summer. This morning, in the paper, they had a bunch of recipes under the theme Nordic Autumn. It’s not even September and in Sweden the papers are beginning to write about autumn. How depressing is that? Read more » >>

Food’s Final Frontier: living it up in Lapland

Last week Pia and I took the kids on an adventure. 19 hours on the night train, 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle: Swedish Lapland; Europe’s last true wilderness. Read more » >>