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The Winter Of Content: and so it begins

I’m back. It’s been a while, a whole month in fact, but I’m back. Since you last heard from me I have been busy with various projects, amongst them making the full transition from autumn to winter; for it is so: winter has arrived in Sweden. Read more » >>

A Reluctant Autumn Feast

This weekend I was forced to give up the fight. The leaves have started their decent into gold-hued death, the birds have ceased their joyful song, September mornings bring a new, silver-tinged chill to the air and Pia has put away the garden furniture. Summer, my friends, is over. Read more » >>

Tasting Better With Age: the ultimate birthday dinner

It was my birthday on Wednesday. 43 years on this planet. I thought I would celebrate a little, so decided to get my haircut and cook a nice dinner. Read more » >>

New Socks and No Kids: must be pizza time

Yesterday I bought two pairs of socks and a pizza stone. I’ve got one of the pairs of socks on today; the green pair. I couldn’t wait nearly as long to try the pizza stone; that was much more exciting, so we had pizza for dinner. Read more » >>

Red Berries and Burning Desires

We visited some old friends on Friday, and I encountered another, unexpected old acquaintance; one that stirred up emotions I didn’t know I had. The source of my welling eyes was not my hockey buddy Risto and his wife Jessica, our hosts for the night, although, it had been a while; it was something much less interesting: a charcoal grill.

Read more » >>