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The Perfect Winter Warmer

Winter arrived with ferocity on Wednesday night. In the space of a day the snowfall came up to my knees outside of our house. It took Pia an hour to dig here way in to the house when she got back from work. And I was forced to spend the night in a hotel in Stockholm as all commuter traffic was suspended. Even in Sweden, when it hits that hard, they are unprepared. Read more » >>

Prawn Again: a summer classic in the depths of winter

I find myself increasingly obsessed by the weather. Like an old man, I sit by the window and mumble about how early it gets dark, and how cold it is in the mornings. That’s what a Swedish winter can do to you; and it’s only November. Read more » >>

A Boy Who Bakes: can it be any better?

I like it when the kids say they want to cook. It doesn’t happen often. That’s perhaps why I like it: Pia says I’m a control freak in the kitchen, and she’s probably right.  But, the kids need to learn that life is not about frozen pizzas and ready-meals, so I gladly (mostly) relinquish the controls, sometimes. Read more » >>

Man Cannot Live by Meat Alone

We eat a lot of meat in our house and almost never fish. It’s a shame, because I love fish. But the problem with living on the east coast of Sweden is that unless you want pre-packed frozen fillets, herring or farmed salmon, it’s difficult to get good, really fresh and affordable fish. Read more » >>

The Lamb Shank Redemption

So far, the summer has not been kind to us. It has been a lot of things; rain, lightning, thunder, howling winds, but not kind. I have been battling it, though; with salads, barbecues, glasses of rose wine and dinners under patio heaters and blankets. Last night, I gave up. The weather beat me. Read more » >>