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Asian Chicken Soup: winter gives way to summer, again

My summer odyssey continues. Spurred on by Friday’s prawn salad, I was bitten by the summer food bug this evening. With just four free-range, local farm-raised chicken breasts and a half of Swedish-grown Chinese cabbage (just about the last in season) to my name, I was inspired to knock up a cunningly simple, devilishly good Asian chicken soup.

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The Wonder of Chickens That Wander

Chicken is underrated. “It tastes like chicken,” people say to describe anything of little or no discernible taste. I heard someone on the tube just last week extoll the virtues of chicken on the basis that “it doesn’t taste too strong.” Where did it all go wrong, I ask, for one of the finest meats available? What gave chicken such a bad rap? Read more » >>

A Big Shout for the First Sprout

Today I unearthed this year’s first Swedish Brussel sprouts; a moment I look forward to every year. Unfortunately they weren’t my homegrown variety -they never even showed their heads above ground in my vegetable patch- but they were Swedish nonetheless: from a small farm outside Helsingborg on the West Coast of Sweden. Read more » >>

The Perfect Weinerschnitzel; sort of

Of all the cities I have visited, Vienna ranks high on my list. A night at the Bristol hotel, a martini at Loos Bar, a wander round Julius Meinl food hall and a Wienerschnitzel at Figlmüller’s makes for a near-perfect weekend getaway. Read more » >>

Tractors, Manure and Grass-Fed Beef: all the fun of the farm

The connection between farm and plate is tenuous. It’s hard to imagine that all those neatly trimmed, film wrapped, skinless chicken fillets once had feathers and a beak. For most people, the closest they come to getting their feet muddy is playing Farmville on Facebook (give me a ring mum, I’ll explain what that means). Read more » >>