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Cheaper and Better: time to downgrade your beef

Finding a reliable, versatile, cheap, easy to cook, thoroughly delicious raw ingredient is perhaps the ultimate dream of the ambitious home cook. During late summer, autumn and winter back rib fits the bill perfectly. Read more » >>

The Winter Of Content: and so it begins

I’m back. It’s been a while, a whole month in fact, but I’m back. Since you last heard from me I have been busy with various projects, amongst them making the full transition from autumn to winter; for it is so: winter has arrived in Sweden. Read more » >>

A Reluctant Autumn Feast

This weekend I was forced to give up the fight. The leaves have started their decent into gold-hued death, the birds have ceased their joyful song, September mornings bring a new, silver-tinged chill to the air and Pia has put away the garden furniture. Summer, my friends, is over. Read more » >>

A Harvest to be Proud of

I have serious issues with the Swede’s approach to summer. This morning, in the paper, they had a bunch of recipes under the theme Nordic Autumn. It’s not even September and in Sweden the papers are beginning to write about autumn. How depressing is that? Read more » >>

Midsummer Murder: deadly slugs, white strawberries and a tale of hope

Friday was midsummer’s eve, probably the most celebrated event in the Swedish calendar. People head to their summer cottages, gather with family and friends, eat herring, drink snaps, sing songs and stay up too late. It ranks fairly low on my list of highlights of the year; way behind wedding anniversary, Christmas and summer holiday, but we had fun anyway, and spent it with a nice bunch of people. Read more » >>