Take a trip: Sollerön, Dalarna

Lake Siljan. Photo: Anne Skoogh

My family has a cabin on Sollerön, which is an island in the middle of lake Siljan in Dalarna. The area is one of the most beautiful places I know, and we always try to spend some time there each year. It’s about a four-hour drive from Stockholm. Every season has its charm but I prefer summer or fall.  In the summer, enjoy the gorgeous lake. The water is very clear and fresh, albeit a bit cool. You can fish and swim, or why not try kayaking?  There’s a good golf course, and large camping grounds.

In the fall, foraging for mushrooms and berries are a must. The winter is nice too, and you can go cross-country skiing on the nearby golf course, or even down-hill skiing at Gesunda. You can also visit a lot of local artists – I love pottery from this area. And don’t forget the traditional Dala horses – they’re made in Nusnas village where you can watch them being made from scratch (and even try to paint your own!)

Kids might also enjoy a visit to Santa at Tomteland (Santa World), or my favorite zoo of all times: Orsa Björnpark (Orsa Bear Park) where you’ll find lots of bears  – both brown and polar – and other wild animals including huge tigers, wolverines and lynxes. All are treated very respectfully and have very large enclosements where they’re free to roam.

Gorgeous pastry - a budapest roll topped with cream, fruit and berries. Photo: Anne Skoogh

Regardless of the season, I always make sure we have time to get bread and pastries at Helmers Konditori, possibly my favorite coffee shop in Sweden. It’s small and old-fashioned, and their pastries are delicious. Always fresh and well-made, and cheap enough to really splurge.  On a recent visit we had these Budapest Roll pastries, topped with whipped cream and berries. Delicious!


  • http://www.transatlanticsketches.com Kate

    Nice story! Cool to mix it up a little. I picked mushrooms for the first time last fall in Osterlen, and it remains one of the highlights of my time here. So wonderful!

  • http://annesfood.com Annesfood

    I’m glad you liked it! I’ll try to post a bit more about nice places to travel, and of course, what to eat when you’re there :)