“Yes we can” – WATCH and vote

..and Sweden.se wants your vote. There’s a great competition going on right now here on the site. For the second year running Sweden.se is proudly presenting the Annual Web Film Festival and if you’ve missed it on the site, I’m here to show you.

The festival kick starts with the WATCH Audience Award 2010 and here we have 10 great shorts that have won either Best Film or Best Cinematography at different national competitions. These are all great so if you are a sucker for shorts then look no further. I’ve got your fix.

We all love film, well I assume you do since you’re reading a film blog, but most of us don’t get exposed to short films as much as we really should, and there’s solid reasons why. First off they’re hard to sell. There aren’t exactly many companies and TV stations lining up to get the latest batch of shorts. TV has their time slots and there’s nothing to do about it. Or is there?

This is where Internet comes in as the heavy weight. Thanks to the net and places like Youtube people can easily get their work out to the world. However, the back side of that coin is money. There isn’t any and as we all know films cost money to make. In the end we end up with this kind of “catch 22” scenario.

Sweden.se has now created their own tool for streaming video content, WATCH, and I have to say that the picture quality it offers is way above average. Let me say this. If you only want the best, you’ve found it.

So now it’s time, in the echo of the Swedish election and just like in every election around the world, we want you to vote. Click around and watch these great Swedish shorts and vote for your favorite. I of course have mine but won’t share it right now. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone. The canvas should be blank. Just like the canvas was when all these filmmakers started with only an idea. That idea later grew into a project which in turn grew into a film. Now all these products of ideas are competing for Best Film. God, I love film making.

WATCH the short films here

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