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One of the fashion-y widgets available on the Stockholm-based Bloglovin'

Last week, hot on the heels of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm, CNN ran a story about Swedish fashion. It spoke mainly about the country’s rising export sales, due mainly to brands such as H&M, Acne, Cheap Monday, Tiger and J.Lindeberg, but it was the end of the article that piqued my interest the most.

Quoting street style photographer Yvan Rodic of The Facehunter, apparently Sweden’s blogging culture has contributed to its global success. A blogger phenomenon himself, Rodic says, “Sweden is a pioneering country when it comes to blogging. In the last decade, people from around the world have started looking at Swedish blogs for inspiration – mostly to enjoy the photos since they don’t necessarily understand the language.” Read more » >>

Swedish fashion blogs rule!

Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad. Photo by Carolina Engman.

Fashion blogs are becoming ever more powerful in Sweden, even though there seems to be some confusion about which blogs are actual fashion blogs, as opposed to lifestyle blogs by girls who just happen to like fashion.

Some of the bigger blogs are becoming powerhouse publications in their own right, employing people left right and centre, but I thought I’d give you basic list of whom to follow.

Agnes Braunerhielm
My collegue at Rodeo is one of few well-known fashion bloggers who doesn’t post pictures of herself. She writes long, dwindling posts on the intricacies of Rei Kawakubo’s design and her love for Alexander McQueen. This blog shouts out for Google translation.

Style by Kling
Maybe the only Swedish blogger who is making a name for herself internationally as well. Elin Kling has her own magazine, collaborated with H&M for the Swedish market and is featured in the latest issue of Industrie Magazine (which might not be too surprising seeing they are working together, but still, it’s a magazine which is read by, well, the industry).

Chloé Schuterman
Twelve-year-old Chloé Schuterman caused a furore a year ago when she appeared on TV with her mother Nathalie (who owns luxury fashion boutique Nathalie Schuterman) talking about her Balenciaga bag she got when she turned ten. A year later she is blogging about her fabulous life. She turns 13 in July.

Rebecca Simonsen
Rebecca Simonsen is a club promoter with a penchant for dramatic outfits. This makes her into a rare bird in sleek and minimal Sweden, but it is surely also the secret behind the success of her blog.

Fashion Squad
Fashion Squad by Carolina Engman is more of fashion shoot dressed up as a blog. Engman is a freelance stylist and models the clothes herself in professional looking pictures.

Stockholm Street Style
Many people are impressed with the way Swedish people dress, especially in Stockholm. If you don’t have the opportunity to get here, just check out the Stockholm Streetstyle blog to see the best dressed people of the capital.

An Editing Eye
I wanted to include An Editing Eye, because it represents an undergrowth of budding fashion journalists who are dismayed with the lack of critique and actual writing about fashion among the Swedish fashion bloggers. For a good look into how many fashion lovers feel, Google translate like crazy.