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Swedish fashion, how do I love thee?

A campaign image from the upcoming Versace for H&M collaboration.

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Online shops for Swedish fashion

So you love Swedish fashion but you’re not sure how to get a hold of it? Or maybe you are just vaguely interested in Swedish fashion designers and want to find out more about the looks and the prices?

In any case, I decided to get you started. Fashion is many things: cultural phenomenon, artful endeavour, beauty ideal, and yes – shopping. So indulge should you find something that tickle your fancy.

The webshop for Tjallamalla.


Tjallamalla is a store on Södermalm in Stockholm and it’s been introducing young Swedish designers to the world for more than ten years. Shop cute clogs from There goes the neighbourhood or flowery dresses from Carin Wester.

Aplace web shop.


The sleek style and selection at Aplace is a pretty good summary of Swedish design in general. It’s cool and mainly minimalist and sensual and most of the important brands are represented, from Hope to Diana Orving.

Nelly.com ships to the Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands.


The Nelly selection covers more bases than just Sweden, and only ships to the Nordic countries and Germany and the Netherlands, but plans for a European rollout is in the works.

There are other ways to shop as well, since many of the smaller and more interesting brands have their own e-shops. This is true of the ultrahip menswear brand Our Legacy, as well as fashion favourites Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (both menswear and womenswear), last year’s Guldknappen winners Hope (men and women), avant-garde designers Nakkna (men and women), artsy but wearable Diana Orving, up and coming denim brand The Local Firm and of course Acne.