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Adventures with the Swedish Tax Board


My daily tax payment. Ha ha.  Photo by: Jason.Rogers (CC BY NC SA)

I have only a few posts left as the Swedish Institute has made the decision to discontinue having blogs. Ending this blog got me thinking that I want to leave those of you thinking of moving to Sweden or who are fresh off the proverbial boat with some concrete information (and maybe some more anecdotes) about life in Sweden. I thought I would revisit a subject I wrote about back when I was writing the Work Blog.

According to an article in The Local, an 87-year-old Swedish woman received a letter from the Swedish Tax Board (Skatteverket) informing her that she had died. “The letter was addressed to the “estate of the deceased” with the woman’s name on it. The letter asked for relatives to fill in the details concerning the woman’s address, to be returned to the Swedish Tax Agency.”

This, of course, resulted in her having to call the authorities and protest that she was still alive and kicking. My favorite part of the article is the woman’s description of her call to the Tax Board. “The person I spoke to said that I must be alive, as I was able to call. She promised to correct the details and write in that I was alive.” I love this story because it perfectly sums up a portion of my challenges with dealing with various authorities. Sweden is struggling mightily to improve the whole immigrant process but it’s a work in progress. Read more » >>