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9 Steps to Doing the Laundry in a Swedish Apartment Building

washing machine

The washing machine

Doing the laundry in my apartment building is a workout. It’s a (relatively) long way away, it involves numerous staircases, a trip outside over ice and snow, and, worst of all, braving the scary 19th century basement. Laundry is not a very “sexy” topic but it’s a slice of Swedish life as I know it.

I live on the 4th floor (technically the 5th floor if you ask me but Swedes don’t call the ground floor the first floor so I am splitting hairs here…)

Assemble all my dirty clothes. I often use the embarassing (if out in public) zebra-striped food cart someone gave me to save my back. Gather the washing powder for colors, washing powder for whites, and liquid softener (necessary evil with the hard water and air drying). Grab the dog. Make sure I have the keys. Make sure I have bags in case the dog does her thing when we pass through the courtyard. Put on boots and jacket….Okay, ready! Read more » >>

Beware the Falling Ice!

ice sign

Risk of falling snow! (But this stretch of sidewalk has been nicely shoveled–for now…)


Up until yesterday, it has been very cold and snowy in Stockholm.

Lots of signs and barriers appeared on the Stockholm sidewalks warning of falling ice and snow (from the buildings). I’ve never known anyone who was hit by a falling icicle but I get the feeling that it’s happened a lot here in the capitol city. It makes me think of a puzzle story I heard a long time ago where a murder scene is imagined and you are only told what the evidence around the dead body is. Among other things, there is a puddle of water and it turns out that the person was killed with an icicle. (I’m not exactly sure how.) But it’s convenient when a murder weapon disappears. Anyway, don’t think I don’t feel a little nervous as the temperature swings between freezing and melting temperatures! Read more » >>

Charming Elevators in 19th Century Stockholm Buildings

I’m ordinarily not a lover of elevators. I usually avoid them both because I am slightly clastrophobic but also because it’s better for me to get the exercise walking up and down the stairs. However, I live on the fourth floor of a 19th century building in central Stockholm that has a cool and very tiny little elevator. It’s actually fun to ride in and operate.

First off, it’s more like an open cage than the box that most elevators are. You can see each floor as you rise or descend past it. In this particular building there are only five floors so one gets to check out one’s neighbors (their front doors, anyway) as you go by. Read more » >>

Time for the Christmas Calendar on TV

The Christmas market in The Old Town

The Christmas market in Stockholm’s Old Town. Photo by: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se


The Swedish Christmas television traditions have begun in 2012. (Believe me, there are some unusual televsion shows “traditionally” watched around Christmas. I’ll write more about those another time.) But Christmas Calendar is made every year and is kinda cool. I’m keeping up this year and as I write this, two episodes have aired.

Christmas calendar (Julkalendern) is a children’s TV series that used to be called Advent Calendar (Adventskalendern ) has been broadcast by Sweden’s Television (Sveriges Television) since 1960. It is definitely a much-loved Swedish holiday tradition and i know many people who look forward to watching it every year. The show is in Swedish and you can turn on Swedish subtitles but there is no English text. Read more » >>

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dogs in Sweden But Were Afraid to Ask…

cute dog

Rabbit’s first few days in Sweden. Looking a bit jet-lagged…Photo by K.Lund.


My dog, Rabbit joined me in Sweden around eight months after I moved here. She had numerous veterinary visits right before she left the US and then when she entered Sweden so she did not need to see a doctor for the first four months. She needed a Rabies booster shot recently so I found a good vet not far from where we live.

In addition to the necessary booster, Rabbit also got her FIRST EVER passport. Yup, you read right, Rabbit is now free to move around Europe.

But first, let me tell you about the Swedish Dog Registry. Read more » >>