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Cars and Driving in Sweden

vintage car

A tricked-out Mustang is unusual on Swedish city streets but I came across this one. Photo by K.Lund


I’ve been avoiding thinking about getting my Swedish driver’s license. I was able to use my US license the first year but now I have rolled over into my second year. I have driven a lot over the years of first visiting and then moving to Sweden but it has always been summer driving and not in Stockholm (though I have driven long distances).

The problem is that you must take all the Swedish driving tests including one on a special icy track so you can demonstrate you know how to drive in the winter. I haven’t driven in winter for over 20 years. Read more » >>

The long-awaited SWEDISH SUMMER

Before we left for vacation, I was feeling very skeptical about the fantastic Swedish summer that had been promised to me.

All through the cold, hard winter, the words “Swedish summer” were whispered like an incantation, a sure reward for suffering through months of minimal sunlight and maximal wind exposure. Swedish summer, Swedish summer, Swedish summer. There’s nothing better in the whole world. 

In the last week of May, it seemed as though summer were just around the corner. The clouds cleared, ice cream shops opened, and old ladies draped themselves over park benches with their heads tilted up to the sky, already eager to scoop up any available rays.

And then winter came back. And then spring. And then it got cold again. And then people started telling me that once again, I just so happened to be here during “the rainiest June in Lund” since the 1920s or something like that. When we went to Italy on vacation, a cold front descended, making the much-heralded Swedish summer look a lot more like Swedish late fall.

It’s just not right, you know? We LIVE for this. But all is forgotten now because the weather has turned and we are finally experiencing SWEDISH SUMMER.

Here’s what my summer days have been looking like:  Read more » >>