So Long and Thanks for all the Rabbits


It’s just a rabbit! (This isn’t Champis.) Photo by: Larry D. Moore (CC BY-SA 3.0)


So Long and Thanks for all the Rabbits.

Whah? What kind of a title is that?

Well, this is my final post for this blog and as I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, I read a recap of the top 2012 stories in Sweden according to The Local. One of the top stories was about a sheep herding bunny rabbit in Northern Sweden.

The Story
Champis the rabbit, owned by the Vigren family, took it upon himself to learn sheepherding from the family’s working border collies. The family didn’t teach the wee bunny his mad skills but they posted a video of him on their blog and the thing went viral. You can read the article and link to the video here.

The family thinks their sheep herding bunny is pretty cool but they are decidedly, well, Swedish, about the whole thing. They think Champis should just be free to live his life. They’re not shooting off to Hollywood or New York to do a round of the late night talkshows. No, they’re tickled that there is so much interest and that the video seems to make people happy. But the bunny could have been anybody’s bunny and he really isn’t, at the end of the day, anything special. Jantelagen. No bunny is better than any other bunny.

Ha ha. I’m joking, of course. But I just think the story is a perfect little summation of Sweden. It’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s quaint, it’s a family not taking advantage, it’s a farm life broadcast on a modern medium—the Internet.


My First Comment
What about the whole Monty Python-ness of this story? Holy Grail, anyone? “It’s just a rabbit!”


My Second Comment
There have been articles saying people are eating more and more meat in Sweden (and other countries). The additional jump in the numbers of cows and pigs is taxing the environment. It has been suggested in Sweden that we should switch to more environmentally friendly meats such as…rabbit. Is there a danger that someone might just eat that special some bunny…


My Third Comment
The fact that it’s a rabbit is so perfect. My dog, you’ll remember, is named “Rabbit.” How’s that for synchronicity?

So long. Fare well. Thanks for reading. I hope to take back up my personal blog in the future which will have further stories of my adventures in Sweden. You can read them here:


  • Monica-USA

    Cool shot I like how it looks like the  1970′s picture film style when you would get your pictures back with the rounded edges and the antiquing look to it.

  • quarryman

    That is actually no summer house, but the studio of artist and writer Albert Engström, located in Grisslehamn. Read more:

  • Mikaela (Staffblog)

    Interesting! Thank you for sharing the info and the link.

  • Alice In Actionland is wrong to discontinue this blog. It provides such a personal look into experiencing Sweden from the outside in, and inside out. I feel like losing this blog means I am losing my connection to Sweden. :-( It’s very sad. But thank you for your blogs, and best of luck with everything you do next!

  • Nkauahi

    I have enjoyed reading your blog posts! So sad that you won’t be blogging. What’s to keep you from starting your own blog? I’d read it. I love your perspective on things and learning about Sweden.
    Thanks for the great work,
    Nancy in Pudget Sound WA

  • Russell

    That bunny is awesome!!!!!

    • Kristin Lund

      “It’s just a rabbit!” Ha! I can’t keep Monty Python out of my head…

  • Janerowena

    I love your blog posts, I am so sad that all the blogs are to come to an end. I do hope you carry on with your own blog from time to time. We have a very determined and funny rabbit, I shall show your link to my son.

    • Kristin Lund

      Thanks, Janerowena. I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. Long live the rabbits!

  • trow125

    I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. I was born in Sweden to a Swedish mom & American dad, and grew up in the U.S., but have returned to Sweden on vacation every other year or so. I have often wondered what it would be like to spend a year or two there, instead of just 2-4 weeks, which is why I’ve appreciated this blog’s insights. Best of luck to you, Kristin, and I hope you keep writing somewhere…!

  • Monica-USA

    Great story Kristin! Indeed that rabbit is something else. :o ) But rabbit does not taste very good in my opinion!! :o ) Sorry to see you go and I too feel I am losing my connection to Sweden and her many wonders. Good luck I wish you much success!! :o )

    • Kristin Lund

      Thanks for all your support, Monica. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten rabbit. Ick!

      • Monica-USA

        Trust me it wasn’t by choice!!! You’re welcome I will continue to follow you on your own blog. Good luck.

  • Lola

    Loved reading your blogs Kristin! Your voice, perspective, penmanship, and easy humor. Wishing you the very best this year.

    • Kristin Lund

      Happy new Year, Lola! It’s been so fun working with you and I look forward to keeping up on your projects. :)

  • Anna Lerneryd

    Why are you stoping. As a swede I’ve been enjoying this blog very much.

    • Kristin Lund

      Unfortunately, the Swedish Institute decided to pursue a different strategy. I am not privy to why. Thanks for reading. I will continue to write on;

  • S. Terzian-Feliz

    I ADORED this one and am forwarding it on to all my friends. I am also delighted you are going to continue your blog, if at another location. How can I get on the list of recipients?

  • Sophelia

    Monty Python and Douglas Adams referenced in one post? Brilliant :) I’ve loved reading your posts and I’ll start following your “meandaswede” blog.

  • Dan Erickson

    Don’t stop, I just discovered it!

  • Sharon James71

    I am so disappointed, I am currently living in Thailand before moving to Sweden after our assignment here and i love this blog…love it :(

    Having said that I just looked down at the other comments and see you are still writing :)


  • Meganluvsu7

    I can’t believe I just found this blog and you’re not writing anymore here! I am moving to Sweden in August and am really comforted from your perspective on life in Sweden! I feel so disappointed. :(

  • Fgb

    your knew blog looks awesome!

  • abdul abbas

    i am bangaldeshi