Stockholm Supper Club


Photo by: Jakob Fridholm/


I took a chance and signed up for the November Supper Club (Thanksgiving theme) put on by the Stockholm Social Club (in Swedish only). The club describes itself as a ”social network in Stockholm that combines entertainment, socializing and business opportunities under one roof.”

Supper Clubs
Supper Club’s are the new hot thing. It’s an underground restaurant, usually in someone’s home, It’s sort of a “paying dinner party” to quote Wikipedia. Apparently they are also known as a “guestaurant”, a hybrid between a dinner party and a restaurant.” (Never hear the work before, myself!) Supper parties are gaining popularity around the world and are very popular in Latin America, London, and New York.

Stockholm Supper Club
Supper Club Founders, Jasmine Moradi and Roxanne Segenäs hosted the Thanksgiving dinner at a small restaurant and catering company in Kungsholmen (Stockholm).

I signed up (and paid) several weeks before the event. It sounded like great fun but I knew that, closer to the actual day of the event, I would think of lots of reasons why it was too scary to go off to meet a room full of strangers by myself. Paying 450 kr ($67) in advance would make sure I followed through. If that sounds like a lot, let me tell you that I never eat dinner out in Sweden because it is extremely expensive. This was actually a reasonable amount.

The supper club is called “secret” because the location is not revealed until a day or two before the event. I received the location in an email and noted with increased fear that the invitation said the dress code was “chic, glamour, classic.” How festive!

I decided to utilize the sleeveless dress I bought for Christmas a little early and combined it with a short jacket I went out and bought at H&M at the last minute. The invite said to be punctual so I hopped a bus and arrived at the small establishment at promptly 7:30pm. I was warmly received by both Jasmine and Roxanne and given a glass of punch. The reception area rapidly filled up and I found it easy to talk to people. I estimate that more than half of the roughly 35 people were Swedish and the rest were expats like me—among others, I met some German doctors doing their medical residencies in Sweden, a Belgian researcher, a Mexican woman studying business in Stockholm.

social club

Mingling before dinner was served.


We were given numbers and directed to sit in the corresponding chairs at two long, beautifully decorated tables. There wasn’t a lot of space in the small room and we were seated pretty close together. I had a lefty on my right-hand side—always a challenge, when a righty and a lefty are knocking elbows. On my left was Sofie Hamilton, an up and coming Swedish actress and singer who I plan to write more about in a future post. Sofie sang for us later that night.

Alas, my photos aren’t very good. You can see some more photos on the Stockholm Social Club site (but it was pretty dark so their pictures have some issues, too.)

We were allowed to bring our own wine or buy a glass of theirs after the welcome drink, during supper. Here’s what was included in the evening:

  • Aperitif (Punch)
  • Hors d’oeuvre: Endive with crab
  • First course: Creamy artichoke soup
  • Main Course: Turkey filet with mustard marinade, potatoes au gratin, green beans
  • Coffee
  • Dessert: Apple pie with vanilla sauce
  • Entertainment by Sofie Hamilton.

The food was fantastic—sublimely simple with amazing freshness and flavor. Yum! I was particularly impressed that the hostesses made it easy in advance to note food allergies or preferences. I indicated I avoid gluten and they cheerfully took care of that issue during dinner. I was served some delicious cut up fruit (frankly the best I’ve had in Sweden!) in lieu of the apple pie.

social club

Enjoying the charismatic company.


The conversation was engaging and the room full of charismatic people. Everyone switched places three more times in the evening and so I was able to talk to those I hadn’t met earlier in the evening. I exchanged contact information with a number of folks and it was fun to make connections.

All in all, the supper club was a great success and I would gladly attend again. What a cool discovery!


  • S Terzian-Feliz

    I am so glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! The Supper Club sounds like a winner.

    • Kristin Lund

      Happy holidays, dear Terzian-Feliz family!

  • Looksbooks

    very cool!

    • Kristin Lund

      Thanks for commenting. It was super cool! :)

  • Mona Khizam Norberg

    thank you ! good article, interesting concept. best of all is the notion that one gets to swap seats during the evening… i say this as one who abhors being stuck at dinner parties. all in all, very intriguing !

    • Kristin Lund

      Yes, that was a good thing…made us all talk to meet people…Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Monica-USA

    Wow, what an exciting way to meet new people and for what you listed above that you received for your purchase of a dinner it seemed quite reasonable. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed yourself. And congratulations on your first year in Sweden. :o )

    • Kristin Lund

      Thanks! Just celebrated last week. :)