Monthly archives: September 2012

Goodbye for now

It’s been very difficult for me to write this last post on the Expat Blog. A lot has happened in the past six weeks, and I am happy to share that I have moved back to the United States with my husband to start a new adventure together – one in which we will switch roles so that I will be the knowing native and he will be the hapless expat (or something like that).

To be honest, over the last year and half of blogging for the Swedish Institute, this blog has become a little like my baby. I love it. I agonize over it. I try not to brag about it but find myself subtly working it into conversations. You know, very normal behavior. And now it’s time to say goodbye.

Springtime in Lund. Photo: Kate Reuterswärd

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Eating Foreign Food in Sweden

Japanese Restaurant sign

Funny how this restaurant seems to just be named “Japanese Restaurant.” Photo by K. Lund


It’s interesting how foreign food tastes different in every country.

For example, Thai food tastes different in Sweden than it tastes in the US. It’s the same for the other foods I’ve tried here, such as Chinese and Japanese. I can’t speak for all nationalities of food since I avoid eating gluten and I don’t dine out much. Dining out in Sweden is notoriously expensive.

I mostly have experience eating Asian food, and usually it’s at lunch.

In my opinion, the Asian food in Sweden has saltier sauces and the vegetables are less varied (you work with what you can get.)

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Shopping for a Winter Jacket

Dog in Swedish woods

Rabbit explores a Stockholm lakeside on an overcast day. She’s wearing the windbreaker she brought from the US. It doesn’t work at all in the rain. Photo by K.Lund


A reader of this blog, “Janerowena” suggested I write about buying my dog, “Rabbit” a winter jacket. I mentioned feeling the chill in the air a few blogs past and so, as all “parents” do, I immediately reasoned that since I was cold, maybe Rabbit, was also cold. And if she wasn’t yet, she would be soon. For myself, I am prepared and have been eyeballing last year’s winter jackets in the closet and wondering when I would need it.

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Experiencing Expat Self-Doubt

Do you ever doubt what you know to be true?

Sure, you do. You’re human.

I think when you’re far from your comfort zone and living in a foreign country, you doubt yourself even more.

I thought I’d share with you something that happened to me back in June. My family was visiting and we took the blue line (in the Stockholm subway) a few times back and forth around Stockholm. Then we were up in Uppsala a few days then, back to the blue line, crossing over from the train to the subway at Central Station.

Now, this particular exchange in Central Station is a little hectic, the hallways filled with travelers going in every direction, eternal construction, mass confusion. But we were old pro’s by that time, or at least I was trying to show that I was an old pro in the Stockholm subway. These were my guests and I was demonstrating that I had everything “under control.” Read more » >>

Autumn in Stockholm…“Winter is Coming”

Stockholm City Hal

Stockholm City Hall. Photo by: Anna Andersson/


It’s gorgeous in Stockholm these days. It isn’t necessarily sunny–more often than not the sky is cloudy, almost gray. Sometimes there’s rain. But the air feels crisp and clean and the suggestion of winter is definitely here.

I like it.

I grew up on the East coast of the US where there are defined seasons but I spent the last 25 years living in Northern California where the seasons were less distinct. So I recognize the arrival of Fall as something I missed out on for a long time.

I arrived in Sweden in late November of 2011 so this is my first Swedish Autumn.

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