Posing for the gay cause

Photo: Bingo Rimér

Photo: Bingo Rimér

This is Petter and Paolo, who recently posed together for Swedish gay magazine QX where they wound up on the cover. Thought their gesture was worth highlighting as Stockholm Pride kicks off today.

As a middleweight boxer, Paolo Roberto fought for the WBC and WBO titles. He never became the world champion, but he showed tremendous bravery in the ring, which won him a lot of respect in the Swedish boxing community. Paolo retired from boxing seven years ago but he’s been keeping busy. He’s been a commentator and a columnist, he’s written cook books and even had a small part in one of the Stieg Larsson films (see if you can spot him in this trailer).

Petter is Sweden’s without question most successful rapper and got his breakthrough some 12 years ago with this hit.

Both Paolo and Petter are fathers of two. Neither one of them is gay but they did the shoot for the good cause. “I think everyone should have the right to marry, regardless of whether you’re homo, hetero, or bi,” Paolo told QX.

More people need to show some of that spirit! The right to marry might sound obvious, but as of now, gay marriages are a reality only in Sweden and nine other countries.